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Brhlovce: At home in a rock (from our archive)

The rock dwellings are Brhlovce’s main attraction.10. Nov 2020, at 1:38


Do not try this at home, I am a professional tourist (from our archive)

Here‘s what can happen while hiking from Banská Štiavnica to Sklené Teplice.3. Nov 2020, at 2:30

Sklené Teplice

Špania Dolina: Cultural treasure

A hiker’s heaven and a show-case for folk architecture with well-preserved miners’ houses.20. Oct 2020, at 1:53

Špania dolina

Banská Bystrica: Capital in spirit (from our archive)

A beautiful old town, majestic mountains and a war museum.13. Oct 2020, at 1:22

Banská Bystrica

Štúrovo: The great misnomer (from our archive)

Esztergom boasts of both an enormous basilica and a popular aquapark.29. Sep 2020, at 1:49


Komárno: A city on the edge (from our archive)

Europe Place is the embodiment of Komárno‘s pro-European attitude.22. Sep 2020, at 1:25


Skalica: Hospitable frontier town (from our archive)

Skalica is the most unjustly overlooked city in Slovakia with mediaeval architecture, original pastry and good wine.15. Sep 2020, at 1:20


Beckov Castle: Cliff ruins

The remains of the castle are perched high atop a 100-metre cliff.8. Sep 2020, at 2:11


Piešťany and spa: Take it easy

The most famous spa town in Slovakia has attracted visitors for more than two millennia.1. Sep 2020, at 2:25


Home of the Bloody Countess (from our archive)

Erzsébet Báthory was a barbaric torturer who drained virgin girls of their blood and then bathed in it.14. Jul 2020, at 6:02

Čachtice Castle

The prettiest castle in Slovakia (from our archive)

A fairy-tale castle with peach-coloured outer walls and impressive neo-gothic turrets, Bojnice castle is a Slovak jewel.7. Jul 2020, at 6:02


Thank heavens for Trenčín (from our archive)

The prettiest of Slovakia’s big cities is home to the grandest castle in the country.30. Jun 2020, at 6:02

Trenčín in 2002

Presidential treatment (from our archives)

The manor house where all the most important Czechoslovak figures stayed.23. Jun 2020, at 6:02


Uhrovec: One very important house (from our archive)

The place where two of Slovakia’s most significant historical figures were born.16. Jun 2020, at 6:00


Nitra: A city of firsts (from our archive)

Nitra will always be one of the most important Slovak cities and tourist attractions for one simple reason: It was the first Slovak city.9. Jun 2020, at 6:00

Nitra in 2002

To love or to hate Bratislava (from our archive)

Old and new, revered and jeered, the Slovak capital is a fascinating - if not always lovely - mixture of culture and history.3. Jun 2020, at 14:09

Bratislava in 2002 and today