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Štefan Nižňanský
THE SITUATION in the publicly owned broadcaster Slovak Television (STV) is even more critical now than it was nine months ago, before Štefan Nižňanský was elected the new general director and STV was leaderless. 2. Feb 2009, at 0:00
Zuzana Mistríková (right), and actress Emília Vášáryová.
THE STATE and quality of democracy in Slovakia deteriorated in the last quarter of 2008. That is the conclusion from the Barometer poll conducted by the non-governmental think tank, the Institute for Public Affairs… 26. Jan 2009, at 0:00
Vincent Obsitnik's successor has yet to be named by President Obama

US ambassador with Slovak roots departs

SLOVAKIA’S inclusion in the US Visa Waiver Program, enabling Slovak tourists and business visitors to travel to the United States without a visa, and the official visit of Slovak president Ivan Gašparovič to the US… 26. Jan 2009, at 0:00
THERE is worldwide optimism that Barack Obama's presidency will improve US relations with the rest of the world, a BBC World Service poll suggests. Slovak political officials expect, too, that relations between the… 26. Jan 2009, at 0:00
Incumbent Gašparovič is the early front-runner, according to polls

Presidential election to be held in March

Ivan Gašparovič and Iveta Radičová are the leading presidential candidates, according to a recent poll.
COMPARED to the USA, the election campaign is a little shorter and the candidates’ election budgets slightly lower, but on March 21 Slovaks will get the chance to elect the president of the republic. The date of… 19. Jan 2009, at 0:00
JÁN Kubiš, the foreign affairs minister, is to stay in his post despite Prime Minister Robert Fico agreeing late last year that he would leave to take up a senior job at the United Nations. Kubiš' departure has… 19. Jan 2009, at 0:00
Layoffs, closure of some periodicals possible

Crisis hits print media

What is the future for the print media?
THE EDITORS of big daily newspapers in Slovakia are expecting the global economic crisis to affect the print media here. The print media must also manage the rise in the number of internet news portal readers. And… 19. Jan 2009, at 0:00
SLOVAKIA has integrated itself among the economically developed countries of the world and has also gained recognition through its principled international policy, Slovak president Ivan Gašparovič said in his… 12. Jan 2009, at 0:00
President Ivan Gašparovič
PRESIDENT Ivan Gašparovič has refused to sign an amendment passed by parliament, which would have allowed geographical names in school textbooks for Hungarian language schools to be written in Hungarian. According… 12. Jan 2009, at 0:00
SPP's Bernd Wagner (left), Prime Minister Robert Fico and Economy Minister Ľubomír Jahnátek (right).
MOST of central and eastern Europe has entered 2009 with a major gas-supply headache. Russia cut the flow of natural gas to most of its European customers and by January 7 the flow to Slovakia and other European… 12. Jan 2009, at 0:00
After surviving poverty, war and Communism, Slovakia’s first post-1989 head of state had “good fortune” to help build democracy

The president

Michal Kováč (right) was the first president of independent Slovakia, serving from 1993 to 1998. His successor, Rudolf Schuster (left) was elected in 1999.
He has a reputation as a peace broker because of his contribution to the peaceful separation of Czechoslovakia as the speaker of the federal assembly in 1992. On the other hand, after becoming Slovakia’s first… 25. Dec 2008, at 0:00
Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, paid their first-ever visit to Slovakia on October 23 and October 24.
SIX Cabinet ministers have resigned or been dismissed from the ruling coalition since June 2006 and relations with Hungary are often stormy. Yet the coalition – Robert Fico’s Smer party, Ján Slota’s Slovak National… 22. Dec 2008, at 0:00
THE YEAR 2008 was notable in Slovakia for its economic stability and corruption scandals, say political analysts. They also mentioned the worsening of Slovak-Hungarian relations, the ruling coalition’s enduring… 22. Dec 2008, at 0:00
Ján Kubiš
JÁN Kubiš resigned as Slovakia’s minister of foreign affairs on December 17 in order to accept a new position as executive secretary of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), headquartered in… 22. Dec 2008, at 0:00
High–level talks have not addressed contrary interests in the dispute

Slovak–Hungarian relations thawing slower than hoped

László Sólyom (left) and Ivan Gašparovič (right)
POLITICAL observers say that Slovak-Hungarian relations have not improved despite recent meetings between the countries’ presidents and prime ministers and the passage of an amendment sponsored by the Hungarian… 15. Dec 2008, at 0:00
Coalition unity once again proves strong

Janušek emerges from vote with job intact

Marián Janušek
MINISTER of Construction and Regional Development Marián Janušek, a nominee of the Slovak National Party (SNS), survived a no-confidence vote against him held in parliament on December 9. 15. Dec 2008, at 0:00
Ruling overlooks transaction that may have misled authorities

Pezinok loses final bid to halt waste dump

THE REGIONAL Court in Bratislava has ruled against a group of residents in Pezinok, a nearby wine-growing town, who had sued to stop the construction of a waste dump near the town’s historical centre. 15. Dec 2008, at 0:00
Emotions run high as law gives state broad power to expropriate private land

State takes unprecedented step to speed construction

A newly-completed stretch of the D1 highway near Poprad.
ON NOVEMBER 26, parliament passed the Act on Expedited Highway Construction, a controversial revision to last year’s Highway Construction Act, which allows the state to begin building highways on land before… 8. Dec 2008, at 0:00
Construction Minister chided within coalition

Ministry tender linked to SNS allies

Will Minister Janušek keep his seat?
ANOTHER minister in the Robert Fico government is facing accusations of awarding state contracts to companies with ties to the ruling coalition. Marián Janušek, a Slovak National Party (SNS) nominee who heads the… 8. Dec 2008, at 0:00
Prosecutor General given more power to prevent similar cases in future

No–confidence vote fails as lottery legal saga deepens

Finance Minister Počiatek (left) defends his steps in the Tipos case in parliament.
FINANCE Minister Ján Počiatek survived a no-confidence vote held in the small hours between December 2 and 3. The opposition initiated the vote because of Počiatek’s role as finance minister in the legal dispute… 8. Dec 2008, at 0:00