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Stefan Hogan started writing freelance opera reviews for The Slovak Spectator in 2004. Since then, he has become a staff writer for the Culture Section and a liaison for freelancers, singing alongside Placido Domingo and Luciano Pavarotti. His high school years were spent at the prestigious LaGuardia School for Music and Arts and the Performing Arts in New York City and as an exchange student in Berlin, Germany, where he studied German art songs with a member of the Deutsche Oper.Mr. Hogan began his artistic education as a boy soprano in the Metropolitan Opera Children’s Chorus at the age of 8. Upon receiving his Bachelor of Music degree from SUNY Purchase near New York City in 2002, he moved to Bratislava.

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TWO young lawyers, Peter Hodál and Michaela Kadašiová, are challenging the age-old maxim that Slovaks are as passive as doves.

The new face of activism

They are leading the movement to save Vegetka and Diétka, popular vegetarian restaurants in Bratislava which could be forced to close by the end of the year. The city leases floor space to the restaurants, which are…20. Oct 2008, at 0:00

Better than Andalusia

AFTER spending time last fall in Spain’s Andalusia region – where tapas are as ubiquitous as cabbage in Slovak cuisine – I was eager to compare the food there with Rambla, Bratislava’s new tapas bar and restaurant.18. Mar 2008, at 0:00

Rambla Restaurant

The human stories of Central European art

VIERA LEVITT (formerly Jančeková) moved from Slovakia to the US state of Rhode Island two years ago to introduce Central European contemporary art to a corner of the American public.18. Feb 2008, at 0:00

Seagull by Pavel Mrkus was placed in the window of a train station.
MOVIE Review

A lasting memory of regret

Atonement (Pokánie)11. Feb 2008, at 0:00

Briony misinterprets the relationship between her sister, Cecilia, and Robbie.
CD Review

Appendix debut album is pure innovation

Appendix - Appendix I. 4. Feb 2008, at 0:00

Appendix I. is the band's debut album.

African-American murals show power of public art

THE AMERICAN Embassy in Bratislava is celebrating Black History Month, which takes place throughout February in the United States, by opening a new art exhibit in its art space on January 23.28. Jan 2008, at 0:00

This mural by artists Calvin Jones and Mitchell Canton integrates African themes.

For Bratislava music scene, summer starts early

THE PAST few summers in Bratislava have seen performances by some world-class music stars, whose arrival usually marks the start of the city’s Cultural Summer arts cycle.21. Jan 2008, at 0:00

British classic hard rock group Uriah Heep is still rocking after four decades of turmoil.
Movie review Sicko

What health care shows about a country

Written, produced and directed by: Michael Moore, Running time: 122 min, Language: in English, with Czech subtitles, Rating: 8 of 1014. Jan 2008, at 0:00

Michael Moore interviews doctors from around Europe in his new movie, Sicko.

Suchoň premieres in New York

WHEN VIOLIN virtuoso Boris Kucharsky, the great-nephew of Slovak national composer Eugen Suchoň, makes his debut at New York’s famed Carnegie Hall this January, part of his programme will mark the 100th anniversary…17. Dec 2007, at 0:00

Boris Kucharsky is Eugen Suchoň’s great-nephew.

Foreign exchange programmes to the US under the microscope

A NON-PROFIT organisation in the United States that sponsors foreign exchange students recently raised concerns when it allegedly jeopardised the safety and privacy of a 17-year-old Slovak student named Roland…17. Dec 2007, at 0:00

A guitar in his hands, flamenco in his soul

FLAMENCO, like gospel music or Slavic folk dancing, is a national art form that people from outside Spanish culture rarely imitate authentically.

10. Dec 2007, at 0:00

Branislav Krajčo, also known as Flaco de Nerja, is a world class flamenco guitarist.

Passions flare at Flamenco Festival

THE ISTROPOLIS Theatre in Bratislava was transformed into a tablao on December 1 for the final performance of the annual Flamenco Festival.

10. Dec 2007, at 0:00

Sandra La Chipsa danced in the Flamenco Festival in Bratislava on December 1.

A different kind of American music

THE POPULARITY of American pop, rock, and rap music in Slovakia sometimes drowns out America's long tradition of folk songs and spirituals.
That tradition was wonderfully demonstrated on July 1 by the…9. Jul 2007, at 0:00

Tori Amos puzzles and thrills in Bratislava

THE INCHEBA Expo Centre in Bratislava has hosted some major events, from the Bush-Putin Summit to the country's largest beer festival, but nothing as emotionally charged as the Tori Amos concert on June 22.2. Jul 2007, at 0:00