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Slovakia produces the best music album in eastern EuropeVideo

Bands such as Muzička, Banda and Pacora Trio, also solo singer Katarína Máliková scores well on the European world music scene.13. Dec 2017, at 6:55

Katarína Máliková

Slovak film won the main prize of Silk Road IFF in ChinaPhoto

The Little Harbour, which was already shown at Berlinale where it received the Children’s Jury Award, continues its worldwide success.11. Dec 2017, at 16:35

Director Iveta Grófová receives the prize in Tallin

Slovak films shown abroad, awarded at homePhoto

Slovak films, now successfully screened within the country, have also been shown at foreign festivals with much acclaim.4. Dec 2017, at 19:35

OUT by Gyӧrgy Kristóf

Old Market Hall will host Christmas Bazaar on Sunday

One of the events which presents diplomatic communities residing in Slovakia to the wider public is the traditional Christmas Bazaar, which focuses on gastronomy and charity.24. Nov 2017, at 17:01

Christmas Bazaar 2016

Festival gives voice to voiceless

The Error 2017 festival, unique in Europe, presents theatre of the homeless, disabled or socially disadvantaged people from all over Europe over two days .24. Nov 2017, at 14:42

The Error festival

Slovak movie The Line got main prize at Arras festivalPhoto

The film, which has been nominated to represent Slovakia at the Oscars, has had a successful festival life from the very beginning, as this is already the third award.21. Nov 2017, at 6:20

Čiata -The Line

Give poetry a chance....

The Ars Poetica 2017 festival offers foreign guests as well as local bards, with authors from the UK, Australia/Greece and Nigeria among them.15. Nov 2017, at 20:49

Titilope Songua

Festival of contemporary music shows outstanding featsPhoto

The Melos-Étos festival of contemporary music brings musical pieces to Slovakia that you normally don’t hear or see.10. Nov 2017, at 13:07

Pianist Magdaléna Bajuszová will play at Melos Étos.

Grammy laureate will perform at Slovak clubsPhoto

The tour, part of the autumn edition of the One Day Jazz Festival starting on November 8, brings US musician to five venues in four Slovak cities.8. Nov 2017, at 12:00

Ronald Brunner Jr.

8 Tips for IFF BratislavaPhoto

A variety of interesting and award-winning films await audiences at the International Film Festival Bratislava, including these insider tips from organisers.7. Nov 2017, at 13:50

From the Profile section - Denis Côté.

Klezmer again connects Vienna and BratislavaVideo

It is well known that music connects, but this is especially true for the festival of klezmer, which takes place in two intertwined capitals, and which offers the combination of Slovak, Balkan and US musicians.28. Oct 2017, at 15:31

Pressburger Klezmer Band

Dosky theatre awards give special prize to project defying all categoriesPhoto

For the first time, the 22nd year of the Association of Contemporary Theatre Award went also to a project which got massive support from those voting but did not fall into any of the categories.24. Oct 2017, at 6:45

Lucia Korená (L) receives the Dosky 2017 award for the Best Actress, October 15.

Slovak documentaries covering controversial subjects win

The One World festival chose the documentary about Islam and migration as its Slovak winner while the audience, on the other hand, chose the documentary about giving birth in Bratislava-based maternity hospitals as…23. Oct 2017, at 13:57

From the Czech Allah documentary by Zuzana Piussi

Successful White Night leaves Bratislava for the region

After the capital, three places in the Bratislava Region – Stupava, Senec and Budmerice - will get to see one piece from the festival of modern visual art that attracted hundreds of thousands.20. Oct 2017, at 14:42

The artwork of Katarína Hudačinová to be exhibited in Stupava.

TOP 5 of the Bratislava Jazz Days 2017Photo

The traditional feast of jazz music that has also evolved into the weekend to meet among Bratislava locals and visitors has already announced a full programme for the weekend of October 20-22 in the Bratislava…16. Oct 2017, at 6:20

Portico Quartet

Jára Cimrman at Visegrad Days in KošiceVideo

The festival connecting four Visegrad Countries strives to be a representative anthology of Slovak, Czech, Polish and Hungarian theatre, music and visual art. One of the theatre pieces offered is a performance of…13. Oct 2017, at 7:05

Period poster of the Záskok / The Stand-In piece

One World explores the latest events, political as well as social

The film festival organised by a non-profit organisation focusing on foreign aid for those in need, explores the most current trends, phenomena and events through the eyes of Slovak and foreign film-makers, in…10. Oct 2017, at 7:15

FC Roma, Czech documentary

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