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Café Múzeum
Café u Maximiliána
Laguana Café
Gremium Café
U Anjelov

The café culture has blossomed in Bratislava over the past few years with more and more activity spilling out into the streets and courtyards, and with spring here in full force, more outside seating is now available. Listed below are a few of our favourite cafés in the nation's capital.
Be aware that most cafés serve several different types of coffee (káva). To help you decide keep these phrases in mind: strong Turkish coffee (Turecká Káva), with the grounds at the bottom of the cup, is what you'll sometimes get if you don't specify, but more often you'll get an espresso (presso). Delicious Viennese (Viedenská Káva) is coffee with whipped cream. Other choices include coffee with milk (káva s mliekom), Algerian (Alžírska káva) with egg liqueur, and cappuccino.

Kaffee Mayer

This swanky Viennese café on Hlavné námestie (Main Square) serves up great coffee and scrumptious deserts in a posh environment similiar to the grand old Habsburg style.
Tough to find a seat after the opera. Prices make you feel like you're in Vienna.
Hlavné námestie 4. Tel: 5441 1741. Open daily 10:00-1:00.

Café Múzeum

Still the largest and best Internet café in the center of Bratislava, Café Múzeum at the rear of Slovenské Narodné Múzeum (Slovak National Museum) is a great alternative to the noisier cafés in town. In a beautiful high-ceilinged hall, patrons can chat over the occasional live piano music. Famous locals from Richard Müller to Mikuláš Dzurinda can sometimes be seen 'taking five' with a coffee or smoke. The Internet room is off to the right down a short set of stairs.
Múzejná ulica. Tel: 5934 9196. Open Mon-Fri 9:00-22:00, Sat 10:00-22:00.

Café u Maximiliána

This cosy café is also on Hlavné námestie (Main Square) in the old town. Wooden tables and paneling, great coffee and reasonable prices make it a local favourite.
Zelená 5. Tel: 5443 5474. Open daily 9:00-22:00.

Laguana Café

A friendly staff and a good selection of wine, beer and spirits to go along with the coffee. The upstairs is a refuge for those seeking a quiet moment with a book or companion. Slovak newspapers are available.
Laurinská 7 (on the corner of Uršulínska). Tel: 5443 5682. Open daily 10:00-24:00.

Gremium Café

Just a few steps from the opera house. The relaxed, spacious bohemian atmosphere mixes well with the paintings, jewelry and other art objects on display. Occasional live piano music in the evenings.
Gorkého 11. Tel: 5413 1026. Open daily 8:30-24:00.

U Anjelov

U Anjelov is divided into two separate cafés: one is a cubby-hole at the bend on Laurinská street and the second is a larger, more modern place next door. Angels of all sizes and persuasions cover the walls and ceilings and the wait-staff works the crowd well. Apart from the coffee and tea, a selection of Italian sparkling wines are available as well as numerous cocktails. No food is served but tasteful music ranging from jazz and funk to Latin American is played.
Laurinská 19. Tel: 5443 2724. Open Mon-Sat 9:00-24:00, Sun 13:00-24:00.

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