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Standing ovation for Astorka in LA

A LOS ANGELES audience rewarded the Slovak Astorka Korzo '90 Theatre troupe with a standing ovation on April 5.

A LOS ANGELES audience rewarded the Slovak Astorka Korzo '90 Theatre troupe with a standing ovation on April 5.

Five young actors performed the play Na koho to slovo padne (Who the lot will come to...) at the renowned UCLA Theater, the Sme daily wrote.

"Even though the play was in Slovak, Czechs and Americans attended as well as Slovak compatriots," Vlado Černý, the theatre director, told the daily.

The play, written by renowned Hungarian writer Gábor Görgey, concerns power, manipulation and totalitarianism, themes the director considers universal.

"After the performance, some spectators who did not speak a single word of Slovak told me that they understood everything," said Černý.

Lukáš Latinák, Marián Miezga, Juraj Kemka, Róbert Jakab and Vladimír Kobielsky have been performing the comedy, about five people locked in one room with a gun, for ten years. The play was originally the graduation project of the actors, and they have performed it in many countries, including Belarus and Australia, to great acclaim.

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