Foreigners: Events in Bratislava

Tips for events in the Slovak capital between April 15 and 24, including gastronomy events, exotic dance party, a feast hailing the Circus' Day, a lot of concerts, book exchange, fashion show of models from recycled materials, city venues opened for free, and more.

Jamie Woon will play Bratislava, again.Jamie Woon will play Bratislava, again. (Source: Dan Wilton)

GASTRONOMY: Salón Piva/Beer Salon – Presentation of brewers and beers takes place in Stará Tržnica. Visitors can obtain a glass and will be delighted by many beers to sample. Speaking with brewers will be possible. Selected beers in one place for a good price. Starts: April 13-15, 15:00-23:00, Stará tržnica/Old Market. Námestie SNP 25. Admission:€5-€10. More info:

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LIVE MUSIC: Kryštof – The famous band from the Czech Republic is back. This band has been playing for more than two decades and have launched a new album called Srdcebeat (Heart-beat). Featuring Richard Krajčo, Nikolaj Atanasov Arichtev, Nikos Petros Kuluris, Jakub Dominik, Evžen Hofmann, Ondřej Kyjonka, Nikolas Grigoriadis. Starts: April 15, 20:00, INCHEBA-Expo aréna. Viedenská cesta 3-7; Admission: €20. More info:

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GUIDED CITY WALK: Priečne priečnou osou / Transversing on a Transverse Axe - The walk guided by architect Martin Zaiček leads across the Bratislava of 1940s and 1950s when the wartiem Slovak state and then communism made collosal plans for the development of this city, for an axe leading from the current “Pyramid” building of the Slovak Radio all the way to Eurovea and the new building of Slovak National Theatre on the Danube embankment. The event is in Slovak. Starts: April 16, 10:00, Salónik Hlavná stanica / Lounge of the Main railway station, Franza Liszta Square. More info:

DANCE: Fiesta de la Bailadora – Exotic rhythms and dance will be included in this action. Dance creations from Brazil, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Cuba, merry energy from Bollywood or wild dance from Tahiti will be included in this event. Host Roman Paulech shows this mix of cultures in cooperation with Campana Batucada drum band and vocal trio Lady Colors, starlet Lu Sing and dance band Hula Tropical. The event is operated by Bailadora dance group. Starts: April 16, 19:00, DK Zrkadlový háj house of culture, Rovniakova 3. Admission: €11. More info:

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CIRCUS: The World Day of Circus – CirKusKus, the first school of new circus and the center of Culture Karlová Ves bring this successful international festival. visitors will see acrobatics on the ground, in the air, juggling, art of mime, buffoonery and UV show. Starts: April 16, 19:00, Kamelklub – Centre of Culture in Karlova Ves. Molecova 2; Admission: €3-€5. More info:

MARKET: Trh-Piac-Markt – The Stará tržnica offers a variety of seasonal food. Distributed by farmers and small producers from Bratislava surroundings. Visitors can buy seasonal fruits, vegetables, but also meat and milk products, sweets and baked goods. Starts: April 16, 10:00-15:00, Stará tržnica/Old Market. Námestie SNP 25; Admission: free. More info:

COLLECTING: Minerals – The international meeting of collectors who are interested in minerals, fossiles and precious stones takes place. April 16, 8:00, Stredisko kultúry/Centre of Culture – Bratislava Nové Mesto, Vajnorská 21. Admission: €0.70-€1. More info:

CLASSICAL MUSIC: Šeherezáda – The family concert. Šeherezáda from Nikolaj Rimsky Korsakov is one of the most famous symphonies of all time. The major feature of its music production in the 19th century was fabulousness. Starts: April 17, 16:00, Slovenská filharmónia/Slovak Philharmony Orchestra. Námestie Eugena Suchoňa 1; Admission: €2-€9. More info:

LIVE MUSIC: Lenka Filipová – The Czech singer, music producer and lyricist will perform. She has already made 10 albums(4 guitar, 3 selected and an acoustic DVD LIVE).  Filipová has played in Europe, Japan, USA, Australia and Canada. In 1997 she recieved a Czech Grammy award. Starts: April 17, 22:00, Divadlo Aréna. Viedenská cesta 10; Admission: €18-€22. More info: or

RUNNING: Cross Country Baba-Kamzík - Slovak Championship in mountain running, includes three different routes which have a common goal - Kamzík (on the top of the slopes - 410 n. m.): 53km run - Cross Kamzík-Baba-Kamzík, prepared for lovers of ultra trails; 26km run, NW - Cross Baba-Kamzík; 16km run, NW and dog tracking - Cross Rača-Kamzík. Benefits include: Finisher medal for everyone, food and drinks at the finish, transport, fruit, sweets and more. Starts: Apr 17, various early morning times, place depends from the chosen run (transport is available). Admission: from €15. More info: 

BALLET: Romeo and Juliet - The story of love and death, compounded by the stirring music of Sergei Prokofiev. Ballet in three acts inspired by the eponymous tragedy by William Shakespeare is choreographed and directed by the Italian choreographer Massimo Moriconi. His version is characterised by dynamism, complexity of dance, expressive acting and impressive love scenes in the atmosphere of The Globe Theatre - the place which Shakespeare wrote his works for. The ballet is led by Dušan Štefánek and music conducted by Rastislav Štúr. Performers are Alessandro Riga, Letizia Giuliani, Adrian Ducin, Andrej Cagáň and others. Starts: Apr 17, 17:00; new SND building, Pribinova 17. Admission: €8-€17. Tel: 02/ 2047-2299;

FOREIGN CULTURES/CONCERT:  Keisho Ohno – Respected musican from the land of the rising sun who plays on cugar shamisen presents both sides of shamisen music-traditional and current. Keisho reshapes the classical style of cugar šamisen, but he is still loyal to the long traditions and history of playing this instrument. Starts: April 18, 19:00, Astorka Korzo´90 theatre, SNP Square 33. Admission: free. More info:

LIVE MUSIC:  Jamie Woon – The well-known British musician comes to Bratislava and presents his news album Making Time. This performer brings a mix of R&B, soul and electronic, however most of his attention is on  musical instruments. The Briton will be supported by guest Jodie Abacus. Starts: April 19, 19:00, Ateliér Babylon. Kolárska 3; Admission: €9-€35. More info:

LIVE MUSIC: No Name – Slovak band with lead singer Igor Timko perfrom in Stará tržnica, presenting their new album. Featuring Dušan Timko, Igor Timko, Ivan Timko, Roman Timko, Viliam Gutray, Zoli Sallai. Starts: April 20, 19:30, Old Market-hall. SNP Square 25. Admission:€15. More info:

BOOKS:  Bratislava book exchange. The citizens of Bratislava may attend the 10th annual traditional book exchange. The event is coordinated by city libraries. Starts: from April 21 to April 27, 8:00-19:00(weekdays), 10:00-18:00 (weekends); Bratislava City Library, Klariská 16. Admission: free. More info:

TOURISM FESTIVAL: Bratislava pre všetkých/ Bratislava for All – The most popular free action in the city. Four days of free entrance to public institutions and facilities including museums, cinemas, libraries, the zoo, public transport (during the weekend), swimming pools, ice rink and the water museum. Starts: April 21-24, venues around the capital. Admission: free. More info:

CLASSICAL MUSIC: Alexander Jablokov – The talented Slovak musican presents his abilities. Solo violinist plays the works of two baroque composers, Biber and Bach. Jablokov studied in Tchaikovsky conservatory in Moscow. His career is connected with festivals such as Bratislava Music Festival (BHS), G. Mahler Festival in Toblach, Wien Modern, or Melos Etos. He received a gold disc for his albums Naxos (Brandenburg concerts) and Diskant (A. Vivaldi’s Four Seasons). Starts: April 21, 18:00, Nedbalka Gallery, Nedbalova 17. Admission: €5. More info:

MUSIC FESTIVAL: Slovakia Cantat 2016 – A huge portion of classical music will be heard during this international festival. This competition is for youth and adult choirs and ensembles. The message of the event is to rebuild the tradition of this kind of meeting based on music. Starts: April 21-24, various sites (Jesuit Church, Clarissen music hall and Moyzes’ Hall) in Bratislava. More info:

CLASSICAL MUSIC: Iršai, Elgar, Tchaikovsky – Three classical musicans in one place. Conducted by Aziz Shokhakimov, violin (Camille Thomas). Featuring works by Jevgenij Iršai (Ten Minutes to Katyń), Edward Elgar (Concert for Cello and Orchestra E-minor, Op. 85), P. I. Tchaikovsky (Symphony No. 6 B-minor, op. 74 Pathétique). Starts: April 21-22, 19:00, Slovak Philharmonics, Reduta building, E. Suchoňa Square 1. Admission: €5. More info:

FESTIVAL: [fjúžn] v pohybe / Fjúžn in Motion – The 11th  edition of this festival is arranged by Milan Šimečka Foundation. The main goal is to connect people from different cultures, spread the knowledge about the new minorities in Slovakia, present the life of foreigners in the country and discuss migration and multiculturalism. [fjúžn] is a 1-week festival, which brings a series of  events (concerts, dance and theatre performances, casual meetings). Starts: April 22, 18:00, A4-priestor súčasnej kultúry/A4 - Space for Contemporary Culture, Karpatská 2. Tel.: 0915 794 942. More info: (

FASHION: Recycling Fashion – People can see beautiful and ecological models made from re-used materials when artists and designers will present recycling methods. Featuring Sara Li-Chou Han (UK, designer), Denisa Bizoňová (Slovakia, designer of purses, bags and jewellery). The event will be hosted by anchorman Michal Sabo and singer Anita Soul. Starts: April 22, 20:00; Rivers club, Tyršovo nábrežie. Tel.: 0911/2773677. More info:

EXHIBITION:  “4 Millions in a Museum – What We Have Acquired” – The exhibition of Slovak National Museum presents, until mid-October, unique exhibits, including Just’s collection, a treasure from the Bratislava Castle hill, as well as findings of skeletal remains of Celts from the 1st century BC from the recent archaeological research at Bratislava Castle. Open: Tues-Sun 10:00-18:00, Slovak National Musem, Vajanského nábrežie embankment 2;  Admission: €2-€3.5. More info:

EXHIBITION: Insita z Kovačice VIII / Naive Art from Kovačica VIII - Masters of naive painting of Kovačice present for the eighth time their work in The Gallery TYPO&ARS. The paintings illustrate Slovak history - life in the Slovak countryside a few generations ago, talking about life and work, joys and sorrows. Curator of the exhibition Ján Hrk has composed a new exhibition of masters from Kovačice: Ján Bačúr, Pavel Cicka, Pavel Hajko, Martin Jonáš, Ana Kňazovicová, Anna Kotvášová, Pavel Ľavroš, Adam Mezin, Ferenc Pataki and Michal Povolný. Open: Tue-Sun 14:00-18:00, until Jun 30; Gallery TYPOARS, Roľnícka 349. Admission: free. More info: 


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