Foreigners: Events around Slovakia

Tips for performances and other events in the Slovak regions between April 28 and May 7, including the ceremonial opening of the tourist season at a castle, a golf tournament, a charity run, and a lot of contemporary dance and various genres of music.

Music resounds in the Piarist Church of St Ladislaus in NitraMusic resounds in the Piarist Church of St Ladislaus in Nitra (Source: TASR)

Western Slovakia


PERFORMANCE: Snenie kameňa / Reverie of a Stone – Instants of creation in space: dance – music – poetry – visuals combine in an artistic expression. Reverie of a stone is what we imagine when a stone dreams. The reconciliation of the dualities takes place in the passage, at twilight and dawn, when the intangible becomes concrete, nothing turns out to be something. A collaboration of six artists from Slovakia, Belgium and Norway coming from four different artistic disciplines with the aim to create a piece shedding a light on the specificity and wealth of each of them. A process of five months in which individual inspirations were developed into actual material preceded the piece. In this way, the dance, music, poetry and visuals come together in the performance and create a unity of new compositions and configurations. Poetry: Mila Haugová (SVK); Image: Igor Benca (SVK); Dance: Billie Hanne (BE), Roberta Štěpánková (SVK); Music: Amund Røe (NO), Romana Uhlíková (SVK). Starts: Apr 28, 20:00; Old Theatre of Karol Spišák, The 7th Infantry Regiment Street. More info:

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CLASSICAL MUSIC: Ars Organi Nitra 2017 – The organ festival offers, within one month starting on April 30, five concerts of Slovak (Stanislav Šurin, Mária Magyarová Plšeková), Czech (Pavel Svoboda, April 30), Norwegian (Eivind Berg, May 21) and French (Johann Vexo, May 28) players, sometimes in a recital and sometimes accompanied – by violinist Miloš Valent (on May 7), or the ensemble Il Cuore Barocco (on May 14), in the Piarist Church of St Ladislaus (April 30, May 28) and Evangelical Church of the Holy Spirit (May 7, 14 and 21). Starts: Apr 30, 19:00; Piarist Church of St Ladislaus. More info:


CONCERT: Katka Koščová and guests – Slovak singer Katka Koščová will present her own jazz-chanson music to the public, with a less traditional music ensemble: pianist/co-writer Daniel Špiner and top harpist Michal Matejčík. Starts: May 2, 19:00; Synagogue, Pri Synagóge 3. Admission: €12. Tickets:; more info:

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CLASSICAL MUSIC: The chamber concerts cycle – Gallery of Music – offers an overview of classical music; this time around, the top ensemble of contemporary classical music, the Quasars Ensemble, will perform the music of its director and conductor, Ivan Buffa, as well as that of Michael Jarrell and Gérard Grisey. Starts: May 3, 18:00; Nitra Gallery, Župné Square 3. Admission: €4-€6. Students, children, senior citizens, ZŤP: €4 in advance: Nitrianska galéria. More info:; (Lucia Vadelová,, 037/6579-641).


EXHIBITION: Orit Hofshi: Crossing / Prekročenie – The contemporary Israeli artist, Hofshi is constantly preoccupied with the human condition, researching historical and current contexts and perspectives. The current exhibition continues her examination of chronology, being and evident traces. She is captivated and agitated by the intertwined evolution of humans in the environment. Both “Crossing” and “Chronicle” hung on opposing walls are monumental works depicting distant, neo-romantic landscapes. A tall structure positioned at the far side of the space, and a narrow wooden deck or perhaps pathway, in the centre of the space, complete the installation. Open: Tue-Sun, 10:00-18:00 until May 28; Danubiana Gallery near Vodné dielo/ Waterworks Čunovo. Admission: €10. More info:

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Central Slovakia


JAZZ: Spring Jazz Days in Žilina / Jarné jazzové dni v Žiline – The Bratislava Jazz Days in Žilina became so popular over the course of time that now a spring event has been added. This spring offers US saxophonist Eric Marienthal, the laureate of Berklee Distinguished Alumnus Award, as well as of the Grammy. He plays jazz, jazz fusion, smooth jazz, and pop genres. Starts: Apr 28, 19:00; City Theatre Žilina, Horný Val 3. More info:


CASTLE/TOURISM: Unlock the Castle with Us / Odomknite s nami hrad – Although the gates of Strečo Castle have been opened since the beginning of April, the traditional opening of the season takes place on the first of May, offering staged castle tours presenting the lives of local nobles, Zsófia Bosnyák and Ferenc Wesselényi, fencing and period dances (by the Wagus troupe), early music (Wiewióra Band), mediaeval cuisine, archery workshops and more. Starts: May 1, 9:00 – 18:00; Strečno Castle and underlying settlements. More info:


CONTEMPORARY DANCE/THEATRE: Soňa Ferienčíková: BOD.Y/ SOTTY – The body/movement theatre of Slovak dancer/choreographer Soňa Ferienčíková explores the borders between the inner world of the performer and the outer reality of the viewer, to the live music of Slovenian musician Gašper Piano, with Spanish dramaturgist Marc Olivé, choreographic cooperation advisors Martina Hajdyla Lacová, Jaroslav Viňarský, and Lithuanian light designer Ints Plavnieks completing the international team. Starts: May 4, 19:00; Stanica Žilina-Záriečie, Závodská cesta 3. Admission: €2-€3. More info:

Banská Bystrica

OPERA: Ján Cikker – Juro Jánošík – The opera of Slovak composer Cikker about the national hero (Jánošík) premieres at the State Opera, as rehearsed and conducted by Marián Vach, stage by Jaroslav Valek, costumes by Peter Čanecký, directed by Roman Polák. Cast includes Michal Hýrošš / Robert Smiščík, Ján Galla, Slavomír Macák, Patrícia Macák Solotruková, and others. Starts: May 4, 18:30; State Opera Banská Bystrica, Národná 11. Admission: €8. Tel: 048/2457-123 or


MODERN DANCE: Očista/ Purgation – The topic of this dance performance concerns human decisions, external and internal influences and actions which determine our way of life, thinking and feelings. It is choreographed by Zuzana Ďuricová Hájková to the music of Claude Debussy and Matej Háasz. Cast: Tibor Trulik, Lenka Rajchmanová, Jakub Jeňo, Julia Kannewischer, Michaela Mirtová, Ján Jamrich as guest. Starts: May 5, 18:030; Divadlo Štúdio tanca theatre, Komenského 12 (na Kačici). Admission: €4 - €7. More info:

Banská Bystrica

PERFORMANCE: Ondrej Rudavský / Slavo Solovic: Beyond Invisible – The visual, animated world of Ondrej Rudavský merges with the tone poem for string quartet and electronic track composed by Slavo Solovic, exploring the story of a thinker who conquers his inner astral worlds and explores why humanity has failed to keep peace and harmony from the very beginning of Creation. Screening/film: Ondrej Rudavský; music: Slavo Solovic – played live by the Solo Quartet (Magdaléna Izakovičová, Lucia Harvanová, František Ferienčík, Alice Karbanová). Starts: May 5, 19:00; cinema hall of the Slovak National Uprising Museum, Kapitulská 23. Admission: €5. More info:

Eastern Slovakia


CONCERT: Jazzda No 3, AMC Trio & Eric Marienthal – Famous Prešov-based jazz musicians, the AMC Trio, will join forces with US saxophonist Eric Marienthal, a Grammy laureate, who plays jazz, jazz fusion, smooth jazz, and pop. Starts: April 29, 20:30, Christiania, Hlavná 105. More info:;


DANCE: Late Harvest: The Grace of Quantum Rabbit / Neskorý Zber: Elegancia Kvantového Králika – The dance/movement experiment with quantum theory and its perception of the linear and non-linear essence of reality, in an artistic expression. The performance is followed by a discussion. Idea and choreography: Anna Sedlačková, Daniel Raček; music: Peter Groll; costumes: Dorota Cigánková; light design: Katarína Ďuricová. Starts: April 29, 19:00; big hall of Tabačka KulturFabrik, Gorkého 2. Admission: €4-€6. More info:

High Tatras

SPORT: Aplend Adventure Golf Tournament – The first year of this event is meant mainly for families with children but will also offer a lot of fun for adult golfers, including a goulash party. Starts: April 29, 09:00; Aplend Tatry Holiday Resort, Tatranská 4, Veľký Slavkov. More info.

ETHNO/WORLD MUSIC-DANCE: Slovak band playing classical, ethnic Roma and jazz fusion music, Gipsy Devils (Cigánski diabli), have joined forces with the “fastest body-tap dancer in the world”, Romanian Totti Ovidio & his Gypsy Dance troupe, for a Slovak-wide tour that starts in Humenné at the end of April and leads them – in May – to ten other cities and towns. Starts: Apr 30, 19:00; theatre hall of the Town Cultural Centre. Admission: € 22-€24. More info:


CHOIR MUSIC: The annual concert of the female choir, Vocals, operating at the PKO Prešov culture facility, gives a concert as part of the Prešov Musical Spring cycle; with mixed chorus Lauda Sankt Peterburg of Russia as guest. Starts: May 2, 18:30; Hlavná 50. Admission: €3-€5. Tickets: Tel: 051/77 237 41-2;


SPORT: VSE City Run – The charity event VSE City Run meant to help the visually impaired, will take place on May 3 in Košice and on May 11 in Prešov, with the starting fee meant to support the disabled with the full sum collected. For those who do not mind running in the centre of the the city, a treadmill will be placed both in Košice and Prešov, with the Eastern-Slovak Energy Company (VSE) donating €33 for each kilometre run on it. Starts: May 3 (Košice); May 11 (Prešov). Admission: €3-adults, €1-children registration fee, free for onlookers. More info:


CONCERT: The Czech “Edith Piaf” – The Czech songstress Radka Fišarová will sing works of J. Brel; J. Renoir; R. Lefévre; V. Cosma; Ch. Aznavour; Ch. Dumont; and Pink Martini, as accompanied by the State Slovak Philharmonic Košice (ŠfK) conducted by Leoš Svárovský, as well as Aliaksandr Yasinsky on accordion, Kvarteto Jazz4 (Ondřej Kabrna-piano, Petr Dvorský-double bass, Miroslav Linka-guitar, Radek Doležal-drums, and others). Starts: May 4, 19:00; ŠfK House of Arts, Moyzesova 66. Admission: €7-€14 (VIP-€20). Tickets:,; tel: 055/2453-123;


CONCERT: Fallgrapp Tour 2017 – In March, the Slovak band Fallgrapp issued its second album, “In the Mist” / “v hmle”, and has embarked on a tour around the country to present live versions of the pieces from both their albums. Starts: May 5, 20:00; Christiania club, Hlavná 105. Amdission: €7. Tickets: More info:


CONCERT: Slovak composer/musician living in Canada, Peter Breiner, gives a concert of piano improvisations in the famous gallery in Poprad. Starts: May 5, 19:00; Tatra Gallery – Elektáreň, Hviezdoslavova 12. Admission: €15. More info:

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