Foreigners: Events in Bratislava

Tips for performances and other events in the capital between June 2 and 11, including concerts, classical music, international conference, markets, shows, running events, inline race, exhibitions and more.

Knights at Devín CastleKnights at Devín Castle (Source: Dano Veselský)

Music & Dance
CONCERT: Blues on the Boat; Starts: Jun 4, 19:00
CONCERT: Ugly Kid Joe; Starts: Jun 7, 20:00
PARTY: Electro Swing Night; Starts: Jun 9, 21:00
Theatre & Classical Music
CONCERT: Hans Zimmer; Starts: Jun 2, 19:30
CONCERT: Technik STU; Starts: Jun 3, 19:00
CONCERT: Transmusic comp.; Starts: Jun 4, 18:00
CLASSICAL MUSIC: Hilaris Chamber Orchestra; Starts: Jun 4, 19:00
INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL: Days of Architecture and Design; Starts: The festival has already begun and lasts until Jun 4
MARKET: Design Market; Starts: Jun 2 – 3
MARKET: Urban Market 2017; Open: Jun 2 16:00 – 23:00, Jun 3 11:00 – 22:00 and Jun 4 11:00 – 19:00
OUTDOOR: Inline race; Starts: Jun 2, 21:00 start of the race
RUNNING: Run Fest 2017; Starts: Jun 3, 8:00 – 22:00
INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE: Climate Conference Slovakia; Stars: Jun 3, 10:00
LECTURE: Brian Tracy; Starts: Jun 4, 9:00 - 18:30
SHOW: Knights at Devín Castle; Starts: Jun 4, 10:00 – 19:00
SHOW: Ugo Sanchez Jr.; Starts: Jun 4, 19:00
RUNNING: O2 Moon Run 2017; Starts: Jun 8, 21:00
EXHIBITION: Bratislava Collection Days; Open: Jun 2 10:00 – 18:00 and Jun 3 10:00 – 16:00
EXHIBITION: Dorota Sadovská: Yellow Embrace; Exhibition opens: Jun 2, 16:00 until Sep 3; Tue – Sun 10:00 – 18:00
EXHIBITION: Polish illustrated children books; Open: Mon - Thu 9:00 - 17:00, Fri 9:00 - 15:00 until Jun 30
EXHIBITION: Milan Paštéka; Open: Tue – Sat 14:00 – 18:00 until Jun 17
EXHIBITION: Images of Women in the Mass media; Open: Tue – Sun, 11:00 – 18:00 until Jun 11
TRAINING: Pilates in English three days a week; Starts: Every Tuesday and Thursday evening, 20:20 and Wednesday morning 7:15
TRAINING: Zumba in English Every Tuesday; Starts: Every other Tuesday, 17:50
TRAINING: Yoga in English on Tuesdays and Thursdays; Starts: Every Tuesday, 7:15 and Thursday 18:45
TRAINING: Belly Dance in English Mondays; Starts: Every Monday, 18:00
Highlights of the year
CONCERT: The Beach Boys; Starts: Jun 13, 19:00
CONCERT: Andrea Bocelli; Starts: Nov 19, 19:30

Music & Dance

CONCERT: Blues on the Boat - Lovers of the blues can enjoy an evening in the boat’s bar with another concert from the Blues na lodi/ Blues on the Boat sessions and with a view of the Danube river. Performers are: Boboš Procházka, Ajdži Szabó, Pišta Lengyel, Martin Zajko and Martin Wittgrúber. Starts: Jun 4, 19:00; LOĎ - Divadlo v podpalubí/ Boat - Theatre in the Under Deck, Tyršovo Waterfront. Admission: €7. More info:

CONCERT: Ugly Kid Joe – American band Ugly Kid Joe formed in 1989, that play a hard rock style of music, comes to Slovakia for the first time with hits such as Everything about you and Cats in the Cradle. Starts: Jun 7, 20:00; Majestic Music Club. Admission: €25. More info:

PARTY: Electro Swing Night – Party time offers an evening in the Electro Swing style with music from the Czech Republic created by the music project MoveBreakers, DJ Swing Garden, and DJ, Dr. Zeppelin. Starts: Jun 9, 21:00; KC Dunaj, Nedbalova 3. Admission: €5. More info:

Theatre & Classical Music

CONCERT: Hans Zimmer – A famous composer of film music, award-winning Hans Zimmer comes to visit Bratislava again after one year for his show called Live on Tour 2017. The concert is divided into two parts: the first one is dedicated to music from films such as The Lion King and Pirates of the Caribbean and the second one presents untraditional versions of music from movies such as The Dark Knight Trilogy accompanied by rock and pop musicians. Starts: Jun 2, 19:30; Ondrej Nepela Arena, Odbojárov 9. Admission: from €59. More info:

CONCERT: Technik STU - This is a jubilee concert, which celebrates the end of the 60th season for a choir named Technik STU. Present and former members of the choir will perform an oeuvre by German composer Johannes Brahms - German Requiem. Starts: Jun 3, 19:00; Big Concert Hall of Slovak Radio, Mýtna 1. Admission: €9. More info:

CONCERT: Transmusic comp. – The ensemble, Transmusic comp. focused on experimental music was formed in 1989 by Milan Adamčiak, Slovak artist, musician and composer. Current members of the ensemble will play in his honour as part of an exhibition named Adamčiak, začni!/ Adamčiak, begin!, which also includes an exposition with sound installations. Starts: Jun 4, 18:00; Esterházy Palace, 3th floor, Square Ľudovíta Štúra 4. Admission: €4. More info:

CLASSICAL MUSIC: Hilaris Chamber Orchestra – The Slovak-Italian evening performed by the Hilaris Chamber Orchestra, which includes Slovak, Austrian and Czech musicians, will bring ouevres by famous composers such as Giacomo Puccini, Saviero Mercadante, Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky and young Slovak composer Vladislav Šarišský. Starts: Jun 4, 19:00; Moyzes Hall, Gondova 2. Admission: €8 (online) and €10 (on door). More info:


INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL: Days of Architecture and Design - This is the eighth Dni architektúry a dizajnu/ Days of Architecture and Design (DAAD) 2017, which is a festival concerned with architecture, design and art. The program includes for example events such as EGO – an exhibition about the first ladies of Slovak architecture or Prvá liga/ First League, where it will be possible to meet famous European designers and architects. Starts: The festival has already begun and lasts until Jun 4; Various places. More info:

MARKET: Design Market – Visitors to the Dizajn market na Hviezdku/ Design Market at Hviezdoslavovo Square 2017can familiarise themselves with Czech and Slovak design from beginners and well-known sellers, designers, artists of handmade products. The event will be accompanied by a day-long cultural program, which will be held on the occasion of International Children’s Day. Starts: Jun 2 – 3; Hviezdoslavovo Square. Admission: free. More info:

MARKET: Urban Market 2017 – The spring Urban Market brings more than 100 sellers of clothes, jewellery and design, a streetfood zone, live music performances, discussions and lectures and creative workshops. The event is held as part of the Days of Architecture and Design and its topic is ‚Retrospective‘. Open: Jun 2 16:00 – 23:00, Jun 3 11:00 – 22:00 and Jun 4 11:00 – 19:00; Faculty of Architecture STU, Námestie slobody/ Freedom Square 19. Admission: €3 (on site) or €15 (season ticket). More info:

OUTDOOR: Inline race – This is the opening race of the 14th season of inline skating named bratislava-inline, which is traditionally held in the capital of Slovakia. The race is part of Move Week Slovakia, a European campaigne dedicated to the development of sport and physical activities. Starts: Jun 2, 20:00 - meeting in the relax zone behind the Aupark Shopping Center, 21:00 start of the race. More info:

RUNNING: Run Fest 2017 – A day-long running festival is open to every age category and offers a family propram including events such as a children‘s run, the Slovak Championship in the Run with a Pushchair, a barefoot run, the Maresi Half Marathon and others. Registration open until May 31 at or on the day. Starts: Jun 3, 8:00 – 22:00; Sad Janka Kráľa/ Janko Kráľ Garden. Admission: Depends on the event. More info:

INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE: Climate Conference Slovakia – Those who are interested in the topic of climate change can join this conference, which offers discussions, presentations and advice from a wide range of experts from Slovakia, Czechia, the USA and Scandinavia. Translation to English will be provided. Stars: Jun 3, 10:00; Sheraton Bratislava Hotel, Pribinova 12. Admission: €99. More info:

LECTURE: Brian Tracy - This motivating meeting with Brian Tracy, president of three companies and teacher of sales, time management, personal development and leadership, named Total Business Mastery will be, among other things, focused on the answer to the question “How to plan strategically, how to establish the right mindset and forming the best possible habits”. This event will be held in English with Slovak translation. Starts: Jun 4, 9:00 - 18:30; Grand Hotel Pressburg, Antolská 2. More info:

SHOW: Knights at Devín Castle – An area of Devín Castle will return for one day to the Period of the Roman Empire. The Devín environment during its history belonged to the borders protecting the empire - Limes Romanus. The program of the event named Rytieri na Devíne/ Knights at Devín Castle includes knights, antique dances and other performances. Starts: Jun 4, 10:00 – 19:00; Devín Castle. Admission: €8. More info:

SHOW: Ugo Sanchez Jr. - Experimenter and performer Guido Nardin alias Ugo Sanchez, a member of the Slava Polunin Company, which is associated with clowns, is characterised by his significant moustache and hairstyle. He is going to bring to Bratislava a piece of Italian culture and his contemporary clown show Alter Ugo Clown 2,0. The event is held as part of Cirkul'art 2017. Starts: Jun 4, 19:00; Theatre Astorka Korzo´90, Square SNP 33. Admission: €9. More info:

RUNNING: O2 Moon Run 2017 – Lovers of running, who would like to try this activity under the moon can join this event and choose a 6 or 14km long route through the city or forrest both aiming for Bratislava Castle. A headlamp is needed and online registration will take place until Jun 4 at Starts: Jun 8, 21:00; Depends on the route. Admission: €15. More info:


EXHIBITION: Bratislava Collection Days – This is the 14th collectors meeting named Bratislavské zberateľské dni/ Bratislava Collection Days, where lovers of philately, deltiology, numismatics, phaleristics, minerals or small antiques can meet together. Open: Jun 2 10:00 – 18:00 and Jun 3 10:00 – 16:00; Incheba Expo Arena, Viedenská road 3 – 7. Admission: €4 (one-day ticket) or €5 (two-day ticket). More info:

EXHIBITION: Dorota Sadovská: Yellow Embrace - Exhibition entitled Žlté objatie/ Yellow Embrace created by Slovak artist Dorota Sadovská presents her new installation, where visitors will have a chance to enter the spatial installation and feel as if they are in an actual “embrace”. Exhibition opens: Jun 2, 16:00 until Sep 3; Tue – Sun 10:00 – 18:00. Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum, Bratislava – Čunovo. Admission: €10. More info:

EXHIBITION: Polish illustrated children books - Visitors to this exhibition have a chance to get know to the current authors of books for small readers, which were published by the Polish publishing house named Dwie Siostry. The exhibition includes illustrations of the book named Bees by illustrator and graphic designer Piotr Socha. Open: Mon - Thu 9:00 - 17:00, Fri 9:00 - 15:00 until Jun 30; The Polish Institute, Square SNP 27. More info:

EXHIBITION: Milan Paštéka – The Secret of Drawing – This exhibition named Tajomstvo kresby/ The Secret of Drawing approaches its viewers with all the developmental periods of the drawings created by Slovak artist Milan Paštéka from 1964 to 1998. Open: Tue – Sat 14:00 – 18:00 until Jun 17; Roman Fecik Gallery, Zámocká 8. More info:

EXHIBITION: Images of Women in the Mass media – Bratislava City Gallery presents an exhibition by Dorota Sadovská, that displays female images in various forms and as part of visual culture. The exhibition is curated by Lucia Ramljaková. Open: Tue – Sun, 11:00 – 18:00 until Jun 11; Pálfy Palace, Pánska 19. Admission: €4. More info:


TRAINING: Pilates in English three days a week– The class of Mindfulness Pilates held in English is suitable for everyone. The class is limited to 10 persons, so reservation is needed in advance: Starts: Every Tuesday and Thursday evening, 20:20 and Wednesday morning 7:15; Internationals Bratislava, Square SNP 22. Admission: €8,5 (one-time charge). More info:

TRAINING: Zumba in English Every Tuesday – Not a dance lesson, but rather a party which the organisers call the Zumba dance. Organised by Internationals Bratislava, a non-profit organisation that brings people together from all around the world living or visiting Bratislava, regardless of their cultural origin. Starts: Every other Tuesday, 19:30; Centrum Radosť, Lýcejná 4. Admission: €6 (one-time charge). More info:

TRAINING: Yoga in English on Tuesdays and Thursdays - Hatha Yoga sessions every Wednesday, beginner's level. Reservations and own mats are not necessary. Fruit and water are free. Starts: Every Tuesday, 7:15 and Thursday 18:45; Internationals Bratislava, Square SNP 22. Admission: €7,5 (one-time charge). More info:

TRAINING: Belly Dance in English Mondays - A beginer&intermediate level of belly dancing, the oldest form of dance, according to many experts, having roots in all ancient cultures from the orient to India to the middle east. Starts: Every Monday, 18:00.EtnoDance, Súťažná 18. Admission: €6,5 (one-time charge). More info:

Highlights of the year

CONCERT: The Beach Boys – The American rock band stops also in Bratislava during its tour. Starts: Jun 13, 19:00, Incheba Expo Arena, Viedenská road 3-7. Admission: from € 39. More info:

CONCERT: Andrea Bocelli – One of the greatest artists of Opera, Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli, has recorded 15 studio albums and three Greatest hits albums over his more than 25-year-long career. The holder of the Golden Globe in the category of song for The Prayer in the animated film The Magic Sword, who last year released his most recent album named Cinema, comes to Bratislava. Starts: Nov 19, 19:30; Winter Arena of Ondrej Nepela, Odbojárov 9. Admission: from €99. More info:

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