Foreigners: Events around Slovakia

Tips for performances and other events in the Slovak regions between August 11 and 20, including a hovercraft championship, a guided visit to the game-park, a cross-culture multi-genre festival, several historical re-enactments and open-air concerts, as well as a lot of classical, jazz and rock music.

Maria Theresa will arrive to Mojmírovce manor house.Maria Theresa will arrive to Mojmírovce manor house. (Source: TASR)

Western Slovakia


JAZZ: Traditional Club Revival – The summer concert of the Traditional Club Revival orchestra (Patrícia Páleníčková – vocals, guitar, banjo; Igor Čelko – soprano saxophone, lead; Karol Sucháň – drums; Andrej Šebo – double bass; Vlado Vizár – trombone) brings classical jazz first to the Kursalon venue in Piešťany, and one day later to Stupava. Starts: Aug 11, 20:00; Art Jazz Gallery Kursalon, Beethovenova 5. More info:

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PARTY: Summit Open Air 2017 – Music party on two stages in Zelený Kríček Trnava, offers Slovak, Czech and foreign DJs, producers and musicians: dnb stage – Telekinesis, Czech Philip TBC; Evro; Acid; Bobo, Hydroes and Nuclear X; the second (dub, reggae, dnb, jungle, psytrance, tekk and hardcore) stage with DJs – Lebka, Hraxxo, Stroho, Stytel and DejWeed. Starts: Aug 11, 20:00 – 5:00; Zelený Kríček. Admission: €7. Age limit: 16+. More info:

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HOVERCAFT EVENT: Grand Prix Slovakia 2017 – The third round of the European Championship brings hovercrafts to Piešťany, Slovakia, in a weekend event with workshops, races and also open depots for public during breaks. Starts: Aug 12 (8:00-registration, 10:30-trainings, 12:00-13:00 – break)-13 (9:00-talks, 10:00-trainings, 11:30-12:30 break; races until 16:00); dock near Váh bank in Piešťany – junction of Vážska and Rekreačná streets. More info:


HISTORICAL FESTIVAL: Hradovanie na Nitrianskom hrade / Castle Games at the Nitra Castle – The Nitra tourism agency, the non-profit organisation Castellum and the Bojník historical fencing troupe bring five performances called Hradovanie na Nitrianskom hrade during the 2017 tourist season. The day at Nitra Castle includes fencing, historical dances, courses in both disciplines, period cuisine, a fashion show of historical costumes, falconers, games for children and adults, as well as dubbing of knights, a Turkish café, Oriental dances and more. This time, the theme is The Ottomans Arrive. Starts: Aug 13, 13:00-18:00; Nitra Castle. Admission. €2.50-€5. More info: 0911/392860;;

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MUSIC/WORKSHOP: Drums in the Park / Bubny v Parku – Part of the Theatre and Musical Sundays, within the Nitra Cultural Summer in the City Part, is also a workshop for the public and performance of the Campana Batucada percussion troupe led by Igor Holka. Starts: Aug 13, 18:00; Na Sihoti city park. Admission: free. More info:


FOLKLORE: Summer at the Nitra Castle / Leto na Nitrianskom hrade 2017 – The programme in the Gothic Moat includes a Folklore UNESCO night with Slovak elements inscribed on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List, instruments fujara and gajdy (bagpipes) and folk music typical of the Terchová area. Performers include folklore troupes Pupov, Terchovská muzika from Dolniaky, Pohronci, Gajdošskí Trogári of Veľké Zálužie, and female vocal group Vranky. Starts: Aug 18, 19:00 h; Gothic Moat at Nitra Castle. Admission: €3,50-€7. More info:


HISTORY/RE-ENACTMENT: Historical Baroque Day in Mojmírovce – The Historical Baroque Day will this time focus on Maria Theresa, world-renowned Hungarian Queen who also happened to be the Empress of the Holy Roman-German Empire, Czech, Croatian and Slavonian Queen, Austrian Arch-Duchess, Duchess of Parma and Piacenza and Grand-Duchess of Tuscany. Her 100th anniversary is commemorated and celebrated this year. The feast at Mojmírovce manor house includes a historical parade around the village, troupes of historical fencing and theatre Bojník and Banderium, fashion show of historical costumes from the Middle Ages and Baroque period, traditional crafts, period cuisine, music of the ZOE chamber orchestra and the Musicantica Slovaca grouping. Starts: Aug 19, 13:30; Mojmírovce. More info:


EXHIBITION: Erna Masarovičová / Katarína Kissoczy: Aká Matka, Taká Katka (Like mother, like daughter) – The touring summary exhibition of two visual artists, mother – sculptor and jeweller Erna Masarovičová and outdoor non-ferrous-metals sculptor Katarína Kissoczy – offers an overview of their works, completed with large black and white photos of Bratislava-based photographer, Anton Sládek, taken in their studios. Curated by Ela Porubänová. Open: Tue, Wed, Fri – 9:00 – 17:00, Thur: 10:00 – 18:00, Sat-Sun – 13:00 – 18:00, until Aug 27; Ján Koniarek Gallery, Kopplova vila, Zelený Kríček 3. More info:

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Central Slovakia

(Kremnica/)Zvolen/Sv. Anton/Banská Štiavnica

CLASSICAL MUSIC: Festival Cap á l’Est v regióne / Cap á l’Est in the Region – A foretaste of the festival that brings together French, Slovak and other countries’ literature, music, visual arts and cultures is the musical tour of the Prague-based troupe Cappella Mariana around central Slovakia, singing five chants of the Song of Songs – Loco introit, Loco alleluia, Loco offertorum, Loco ad elevationem and Loco deo gratias. Cappella Mariana consists of two tenors – Vojtěch Semerád and Tomáš Lajtkep, a baritone – Tomáš Král – and a bass, Jaromír Nosek. Starts: Aug 10, Church of St. Catherine of Alexandria in Kremnica; Aug 11, chapel of the Zvolen Castle; Aug 12, chapel of the Museum in St Anton; Aug 13, Church of St Catherine in Banská Štiavnica – all at 19:00. More info:

Banská Štiavnica

FILM SEMINAR: 4 Živly / 4 Elements – This edition of the summer film seminar is focused on the motif of Faith – not just the feature films screened (Slovak, but also Polis –Mother Johana of the Angels by Jerzy Kawalerowics, German - Aguirre, the Wrath of God by Werner Herzog, Czech – World according to Daliborek by Vít Klusák, Manifesto, and more) but also presents archive Czechoslovak movies, animated cartoons, experimental films, documentaries, animation workshop, lectures, discussions and other accompanying programmes. Starts: Aug 9-13; various sites in Banská Štiavnica, including open-air amphitheatre. More info:


CASTLE/NIGHT TOURS: Night tours of the Strečno Castle will instroduce three women from the past – the noblewoman Benigna, Juliet Capulet and Zsófia Bosznyak – the first and last of whom lived at this castle. The special lighting and movement design will be used for the first time, to make the castle tours special. A fire show will constitute the culmination of the tour – which is meant for adults and children older than eight. Starts: Aug 11, Strečno Castle. Admission: €4-50 - €6.50. Tickets: More info:


FAMILY EVENT/ANIMALS: Zveroparkové slávnosti / Game-enclosure Games – The first edition of this event offer a guided tour of the game enclosure that includes both livestock and wild game, shows for children, creative workshops, games and competitions, a small crafts market including brief instructions, falconry demonstrations by the Falconers of King Svätopluk, exhibition of taxidermy-treated birds from the St. Anton museum, and more. Starts: Aug 12 (9:00).13 (until 19:00); Revištské Podzámčie 38. Admission: €3-€6. Tickets, more info:

Žilina/Rajecké Teplice

CONCERT: Country Minifestík – The 5th year of the mini-festival of country music brings to the spa the Slovak band Osudy, Czech legend Spirituál Kvintet, Louiziana band playing music for country dances and Country Roses dance troupe. Starts: Aug 12, 14:00; Slnečný pavilion (Sunny Pavilion), M.R. Štefánika 75. Admission: 10€. Tickets: sold at Slneč pavilion restaurant. More info:

Banská Štiavnica

CULTURE/FESTIVAL: Cap á l’Est 2017 – The 15th year of the festival of poetry, theatre and music hailing the francophone culture this time focuses on the connection between French, Slovak and Czech poetry, books reading, puppet theatre as well as bringing the TOTO je kabinet ilustrácie / This is the Cabinet of Illustration exhibition, and concerts of modern classical music – Quasars Ensemble, Camille Saint-Saëns Carnival of the Animals, Baroque music by Solamente Naturali, as well as a selection from the Conference of the Birds by Iranian Sufi poet Farid ud-din Attar, in a new French translation, turned into music by Madeleine Isaksson, and performed by Robin Troman on flutes and Ershad Tehrani with zarb and duff percussions. Recited by Michel de Maulne (French) and Lucia Letková (Slovak). Starts: Aug 16-19, Old Castle, J- Kollár Gallery, culture centre and cafés around Banská Štiavncia. More info:


JAZZ: E & A Festival – The two-day jazz event commemorating these two personages of Elena Chenot and Adolph Simon comprises Nikitin/Pospiš/Sillay – Ján Cikker 105 – a project modernising the choir works of famous Slovak composer Ján Cikker who was born more than 100 years ago. The three musicians translated Cikker’s musical style, inspired by national folklore, into modern language: Robert Pospiš - vocal/synth, Nikolaj Nikitin - sax/synth, Martin Sillay – guitar, Juraj Šušaník – drums, Eva Šušková – vocal/synth. The second gig involves the project of Robert Pospiš and Martin Sillay Balady / Ballads, which is a tribute to folk songs from all over Slovakia. Musicians: Robert Pospiš & Martin Sillay – Balady Robert Pospiš – voice, synth, Martin Sillay – guitars, Roman Harvan – cello, Juraj Šušanik – drums and percussions. Starts: Aug 16-17, 20:00; Bombura klub, M. R. Štefánika Square 16. Tel: 0905/347 -415;;

Banská Štiavnica

JAZZ FEST: Zvuk for Štiavnica / Sound for Štiavnica – After a one year break, the jazz-fusion festival continues this year, with genres like jazz, fusion, crossover, contemporary, world music, etc. and with names like Anna Gadt New Inspiration (PL); European Mantra (HU); Aftertee (SK); Ľubo Šamo Project (SK); Šrámek, Nikitin, Griglák, Marktl – Altar live (SK); Albireo (CH); Robert Pospiš & Martin Sillay – Balady (SK); Sisa Fehér & Fehero Rocher (SK/CZ); Ján Cikker 105 – Nikitin/Pospiš/Sillay (SK); Ivana Mer (SK) already confirmed. Starts: Aug 17-19; Banská Štiavnica centre, Kammerhofská 1. Admission: €10 (on the site, for individual concerts) or €30 (for the whole festival, at More info:

Eastern Slovakia


CLASSICAL MUSIC: Zlatý vek gitary / Golden Age of Guitar – The festival of guitar music in its 3rd year focuses on the romantic music of the reign of Napoleon Bonaparte: that of virtuosi Ferdinand Carulli, Fracesco Molina, singer Girolamo Crescentini, opera composer Gioachino Rossini, or violin genius Niccolò Paganini. Audience in the three eastern-Slovak towns and cities can enjoy the music of 19th century Paris. The concerts feature soloist of the Slovak national Theatre and Slovak Philharmonic Choir member Matúš Šimko, Slovak Philharmonic violinist Adam Szendrei and Jakub Mitrík on Romanticism eight-string guitar, lute and theorbo. Starts: Aug 11 18:30; Baroque Chapel of Kežmarok Castle; Aug 12, 19:00; St Michael’s Chapel, Košice; and Aug 13, 16:00; the Church of Immaculate Conception of Virgin Mary, Harichovce. More info: 0904 196 306;

Tatras/Starý Smokovec

MARKET/ EVENT: Smokovecké Trhy Umenia a Zábavy / Smokovec Markets of Art and Entertainment – This event aims at supporting local craftsmen, producers and artists, offering their services and products in a condensed way to tourists, visitors and locals. Markets include demonstrations of crafts and evening literary, music and film meetings in U Vlka (At the Wolf) café and teahouse. Starts: Aug 7-13; various sites in Starý Smokovec (e.g. terrace near former OC Mladosť, Cesta slobody 4/D, U Vlka (At the Wolf) café and teahouse. Admission: free / €2-€3 in the café and teahouse. More info:,


CONCERT: Concerts in the Yard: Sasha Boole – The Ukrainian folk songster/singer/songwriter Sasha Boole is not a folklore freak in a traditional costume but rather a modern one-man band – with a guitar, a banjo and a harmonica – travelling around and singing out his emotions, both in English and Ukrainian. Starts: Aug 11, 20:00; backyard of Tabačka KulturFabrik, Gorkého 2. More info:


CASTLE GAMES: Castle Games in Štítnik / Hradné hry v Štítniku – The event meant for whole families includes falconers, Roma dances, folklore, door prizes, period cuisine, archery tournament, arms demonstrations, fencing tournament, conquest of a mediaeval camp for children, fire show, lectures (in Slovak), craft market, traditional crafts workshops, body-painting and more. Starts: Aug 12, 10:00; Štítnik water castle. Admission: €1. More info:

High Tatras

COMMEMORATIVE EVENT/NIGHT RIDE: 75 Secrets of the Aerial Lift – The aerial lift leading from Skalnaté Pleso to the highest-altitude station, at Lomnický Štít Peak (2,634 metres above sea level), celebrates its 75th birthday with a series of night rides (revenues go to an architectural competition for the new use of the building housing the old aerial lift in Tatranská Lomnica). On several dates, there will be night rides offered (with the possibility of including dinner). The original aerial lift – being the first or unique in several parameters at that time – launched operation on December 20, 1941. The start of the ride is at Skalnaté Pleso (where the aerial lift from Tratranská Lomnica ends). The night ride will entice visitors with the beautiful starry sky and views of the lights of Poprad. Also on offer is an exhibition of documentary photographs from the time when the lift was constructed and the works of architect Dušan Jurkovič, a visit to the old engine house with a guide, and a screening of a brief documentary about the lift. Starts: Aug 12, 19, 19:00; aerial lift station in Tatranská Lomnica. Tickets: Information Centre Tatranská Lomnica (0903 112 200,, or at More info:


CONCERT: Concert of the graduates of master performing courses – The weeklong course open for public (Aug 20-27) by Dagmar Livorová will end with a concert presenting the skills and improved mastery of musicians. Starts: Aug 27, 18:00; Orthodox Synagogue, Okružná 32. More info:

Spišská Nová Ves

EXHIBITION: Art in the Park / Umenie v parku – Works of non-professional visual artists are exhibited in the park in downtown Spišská Nová Ves, both photographs and visual artworks. The works are results of a competition open for everyone aged over 15. Photographers had the motif “street photo”; visual artists were meant to interpret “The World around Us”. In total, 47 amateur artists with 144 works applied, while the exhibition shows a selection from them. Open: daily, non-stop until September 10; Radničné Square. Admission: free. More info:

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