Your new home in Urban Residence

Along with no lengthy travelling, living in the city centre has many advantages. All the important things for work, fun, relaxing and sport are accessible via a pleasant walk or a short bicycle ride.

The concept of apartment housing offers inhabitants modern services connected with flat maintenance and in addition, cleaning services and a laundry room. Modern details like covered bike parking, scooter parking and a charging station for electro-mobiles contribute to a new standard of living.

In the wider city centre, behind Račianske mýto square, the three buildings of the Urban Residence development project are being built. As the name suggests, this is an urban style of housing. The unique residential project of the Lucron Development company – with a Luxembourgian partner – offers quality equipment in the flats, a sufficient number of parking spaces, shops and services and a park in the inner bloc, with an area of 6,000 square metres.

The urban lifestyle suits independent personalities who do not wish for peace and quiet behind garden fences. They can use the advantages of one of the biggest parks on a private plot in Bratislava, together with neighbours who are similarly-minded. Residents of Urban Residence want to be close to where things are happening – to fully enjoy everything the city offers, not just culture, shopping malls or services but also relaxation zones near their house and sites for sport and trips nearby. The project will later also include a kindergarten, a chemist, and a dozen venues including cafes, a restaurant and snack-bar, and a shop with fresh high-quality food products.

The main idea when designing the flats was the right space arrangement – a spacey, functional flat without any useless space. The flats in Urban Residence are compact. There is a tall casement window in the living room, which enables good light in the part of the flat used during the day. One advantage of every flat is a roomy balcony.

The good-quality equipment makes all the flats and apartments a better space for living. Thus, top products from renowned suppliers – e.g. fireproof security entrance door, good-quality plastic windows, designer interior doors, large-sized parquet-floors, designer bathrooms, tiles and sanitary equipment are already included in the purchase price. Thus, you can save in comparison with a totally unequipped flat, and you get above-standard equipment which you would otherwise have to pay extra for. For example, many of the currently available flats include in their final price kitchen units and a closet.

The services are in a class of their own. The administrator of Urban Residence is the sister company of Lucron, Bytrex, which was established to more effectively oversee the cooperation between residents, the developer, the builder and the administrator. Residents have at their disposal services which they use and pay for only when needed. These could be, for example, cleaning, laundry, various minor repairs, receiving letters, packages, or goods bought online. Restaurant food and groceries can be ordered and delivered directly to your door.

Buying an apartment in Urban Residence can also be a good investment. If you plan to rent the space, be it in the short or long term, you have real estate experts at your disposal who will readily help you place your offer on websites and elaborate contracts. With short-term rentals, cleaning and laundry services are at the tenant’s disposal as well. You can also be registered for temporary residence in the apartments.

The investor in the Urban Residence project has had several successful projects in modern housing already. Lucron Development is behind the Eden Park, Jaskový Rad and Malé Krasňany Bratislava residential developments and the Arboria Park in Trnava. The Compass Architekti studio, which mastered, for example, the popular Slnečnice residence and the nearby Ahoj Park, finalised the house design.
The intention of the architects was to add new city infrastructure to the project and to bring life to the public space across Račianska Street.

“Inside the Urban Residence, we designed a generous park, up to 60 acres of space, which will – together with a busy parterre from Račianska Street – form a pleasing city environment,” co-designer of the Urban Residence Matej Grébert of the Compass Architekti studio says. “We put stress on wheel-chair access and easy accessibility, too. We designed passages connecting Račianska with the inner courtyard. A new cycling path will appear along the city boulevard, and in the place where a grey fence can be seen now, there will be new pavements.”

The final approval for the building is planned for next July. In September 2018, the second building will be offered for use, which will be enhanced in December by a third one. In the process of construction, Lucron is relying on a sister construction company, L-Construction, which is building its reputation through stressing punctuality and good quality, and currently has the best experts on the market at its disposal.

In cooperation with a bank, the developer is currently offering the unique financing opportunity of a 0% mortgage. They will pay all your mortgage interest rates, from the purchase of a flat to final approval.

Those interested can visit the website,, or the sale showroom and sales point Urban Residence at Račianska 24. You can arrange a meeting at

Living in Urban Residence is a combination of modern life, a pleasant environment, simple availability and favourable prices.

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