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For a Decent Slovakia initiative will resume protests in September

The initiative insists on early election.

Thousands of people attended the protest rally in Bratislava on March 9.(Source: Sme)

The For a Decent Slovakia initiative is preparing another protest for September. The investigation into the murder of investigative journalist Ján Kuciak and his fiancée Martina Kušnírová is still not concluded and the ruling coalition is also refusing to take moral and political responsibility for the abduction of the Vietnamese citizen via Slovakia. The initiative has already booked a square in Bratislava.

“The requirement for a new, reliable government has not been fulfilled yet and new scandals are piling up,” said Juraj Šeliga, one of organisers of the For a Decent Slovakia protests. “This coalition is doing nothing to show that it esteems the trust of the people.”

Šeliga wants to believe that there will be an early election in Slovakia and that the current cabinet will fall. He further said during a discussion programme in Komárno on August 14, as cited by the aktuality.sk news website, that representatives of the major ruling party Smer have shown no self-reflection and instead of more responsible governing they are spreading conspiracy theories. In his opinion voters should have the opportunity to vote even if it were the case that the composition of power in parliament did not fundamentally change.

Latest public opinion polls show that after a potential parliamentary election it would be possible to create a government without Smer as well as the extremist party of Marián Kotleba. But this would be based on a wide coalition of the opposition parties SaS, OĽaNO, Sme rodina and for now the non-parliamentary KDH party that would be joined by current minor coalition party Most-Híd or the SNS.

Support for Smer has stabilised at 20-21 percent after the March fall in their popularity.

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The regular parliamentary election is scheduled for March 2020, i.e. in about one and half years.

For a Decent Slovakia resumed organising protest rallies after the double murder in March. The most attended rallies were in Bratislava with protests also taking place in Prague, London, Paris, Berlin and even Hong Kong and Dubai.

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