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Comenius University commemorates August 1968

The university where some of the atrocities of the infamous Soviet-led occupation took place will hold a reverential ceremony, a presentation and sale of commemorative items.

Law Faculty of Comenius University in Šafárikovo Square, where the civilian killings by foreign armies on August 21, 1968, were most concentrated. (Source: Sme - Gabriel Kuchta)

Marking the 50th anniversary of the occupation of Czechoslovakia by forces of the Warsaw Pact, the Comenius University (UK) in Bratislava, together with the Confederation of Political Prisoners of Slovakia and Camera Obskura, a non-profit organisation, has organised a commemorative event on August 21, 2018.

At 10:00, a reverential ceremony commemorating the fatalities from the 1968 events will take place in front of the UK’s main building in Šafárikovo Square. Representatives of the university, constitutional officials, the Romanian Foreign Minister Teodor Viorel Maleşcanu and other guests will take part, the UK press department informed.

The programme will then continue in the foyer of the main building with a presentation and sale of commemorative items – postage stamps, medals, coins, a banknote, etc. All these items will feature the iconic photography by Ladislav Bielik “Bare-Chested Man in Front of the Occupier’s Tank”.

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