Company´s autumn in the High Tatras

A good teambuilding or a good training should fulfil four main points that determine its success.

Summer is over and each good manager is now worrying how to motivate his / her employees to work after their summer relax. Corporate trainings and teambuilding activities are some of the best ways to motivate your employees. It often happens that enhancing relationships is reduced to a friendly get-together with a glass of drink. It is not that I would not look forward to a pleasant debate with my colleagues but I like to make up new interesting activities that test the team spirit of the company. And this autumn we were successful in it. In September our company organized a two-day corporate event that consisted of a conference and a follow-up teambuilding in the stylishHotel International**** in the middle of the golf course Black Stork in Veľká Lomnica near Lomnický peak.

A good teambuilding or a good training should fulfil four main points that determine its success and I can say that the Hotel International hit the bull´s eye in all four points.

1. A pleasant environment

Your employees have to feel comfortable during a corporate event . The environment you choose is therefore very important. Literally the whole hotel International was available to us. We organized a company event for 60 employees. We relaxed in comfortable beds, indulged ourselves in buffet breakfast and sweet-smelling freshly fried pancakes, enjoyed the beautiful views of the High Tatras and the golf course from the conference room, as well as the pleasant wellness. The hotel staff was at our disposal 24 hours and fulfilled all our requests readily.

2. Convenient spaces and equipment

We all know it well. We worry sometimes for months to find the best speakers for trainings and conferences and finally, everything is spoilt by a badly chosen room or poor-quality sound distribution. In our case, the technical equipment had been prepared in advance in order to meet our demanding requirements. There were conference rooms available for our employees and a VIP saloon in which the training for our top management of our company took place.

3. Interesting activities

Collective activities are probably the most interesting part of corporate events. In order to strengthen and entertain your team it is good to choose a new sport you have never played before. The most of our employees are no golfers, nevertheless, we became fond of golf from the very first moment. Thanks to professional golf instructors of the golf course Black Stork we became acquainted with the sport and started training soon. Then they prepared a competition for us. We only drove golf balls at a target on the ground. As we did not want to shoot aimlessly, we had to run around the golf course in return for each bad drive. It was excellent entertainment. Soon it was getting dark and everybody was given a forehead lamp. When I reached the hotel, my colleagues were smiling at me from the whirlpool of the outdoor heated pool. The wellness was ours until midnight – even this is here possible and also with music and a party! Some colleagues, however, could not resist playing a 5-hole night golf game lit by torches and illuminated balls. The next afternoon we played foot golf – a combination of football and golf played on an 18 hole course which seemed easier to us than golf.

4. Reasonable price

This part is interesting for the organizational team mainly. The price is a key indicator for everyone regardless of the fact whether you are a successful or less successful company. It is always necessary to consider price-quality ratio. The Hotel International**** was the choice No.1 for us. The price for the teambuilding was despite its lucrativeness more than reasonable along with the pleasant accommodation with breakfast and unlimited wellness included in the price.

We are planning another teambuilding and motivation trainings and I already know that I will choose the Hotel International**** because I do not have to worry about unpleasant surprises nor about the fact that my employees are bored. In winter months 15 km long cross country tracks are available, there is a possibility to take part in a biathlon race, Nordic walking, dogsled competition or curling. We are all already looking forward to them and we will not leave the hotel and its beautiful surroundings for at least two days.

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