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Crawling out of the ground or floating in the air. Visit the new gallery of optical illusions

The gallery is a perfect way to spend a rainy day in Liptov.

(Source: Courtesy of Ilusia)
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Ilusia, the gallery of illusions has opened in the centre of Liptovský Mikuláš. People can take photos using trick-art and optical illusion – they can float in the air, crawl out of a crack in the ground, hide in a mouse hole from a cat or sit under the water.

It is not about reality but a clever combination of colour, mirrors, angles, shadow perspective and the right position of the photographer. The idea to create the gallery arose more than a year ago, according to its co-owner Lucia Vanková, My Liptov reported.

“We wanted to create something untraditional, funny and educative for all age categories and accessible in all weather conditions,” explained Vanková, as quoted by My Liptov.

The gallery has rooms full of optical illusions spread over more than 400 square metres. Visitors can see 20 attractions by way of trick-art, optical illusions and mirror rooms. Many attractions are designed to change over one day.

“We have only been open for a short time but I have to say that people leave our gallery satisfied and smiling,” said Vanková, also mentioning the positive Facebook reviews, as cited by My Liptov.

A visit to the gallery lasts between 45 minutes and one hour. The total capacity of the gallery only allows for 12 people at a time but it is possible to book in advance online.

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