Do you get the 13th salary?

The data shows 44 percent of employees in Slovakia receiving a Christmas bonus or 13th salary.

Urban households may pay more. Urban households may pay more. (Source: SME / PAVOL FUNTÁl)

Many firms add up their employees' payments around Christmas.

Of all the employees at Slovak firms, 27 percent will receive a Christmas bonus and 17 percent will be paid a 13th salary, Nikola Richterová of the Profesia. sk job portal told the Hospodárske noviny daily.

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"The pay for the thirteenth month is guaranteed, and a company has to pay it despite its bad numbers in a given year," Richterová added.

The average amount of the 13th salary has risen by 2 percent to €949 gross, compared to 2017, and the average financial remuneration has gone up by 5 percent to €959 gross, Hospodárske noviny wrote.

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Christmas bonuses should increase to a maximum of €300, claimed 44 percent of the firms. Senior management workers may even earn 80 percent more of their regular pay at this time of the year, Hospodárske noviny reported.

People working in telecommunication companies will find more than the average 13th salary in their bank accounts. They will receive up to €1,485, followed by workers in the banking and finance sector with €1,388, and IT employees with a bonus of €1,357.

"Some of the firms said they will not pay any Christmas bonuses since they offer other benefits over the year," said Lukáš Baloga of the Capital Markets, as quoted by Hospodárske noviny.

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