Poll: These are the momentous events of 2018

The murder of a journalist and his fiancée impacted Slovakia the most, according to Slovaks.

The whole government to prison, a banner in the photo reads.The whole government to prison, a banner in the photo reads. (Source: Sme)

Slovakia marked a centenary of the birth of Czechoslovakia in 2018. The anniversary was nevertheless shadowed by the murder of investigative journalist Ján Kuciak and his fiancée back in February.

Their death tops the list of momentous events this year, based on a poll by the Focus polling agency for the Sme daily, asking people which events they regarded of utmost importance in the past 12 months.

1. Murder of Ján Kuciak & Martina Kušnírová
(45 percent)

The couple was murdered on February 21, 2018 in their house. Four people were taken into custody in autumn. It remains unknown who ordered the murder. Yet, controversial businessman Marian Kočner is believed to be the main suspect.

UPDATED: Investigative journalist killed in his house Read more 

2. PM Robert Fico steps down (38 percent)

Prime Minister Robert Fico, chairman of Smer, resigned in March after the murder. Peter Pellegrini, who had served as a deputy PM for investments and informatisation, replaced him.

UPDATED: Fico is ready to resign tomorrow Read more 

3. Protests after the journalist's murder (21 percent)

Following the murder, people walked out into the streets all around Slovakia and demanded the resignation of Interior Minister Robert Kaliňák and Police Corps President Tibor Gašpar. Snap parliamentary elections did not occur despite the demand made by the 'For a Decent Slovakia' protesters.

UPDATED: Enough of Fico, thousands of people shouted at gatherings across Slovakia Read more 

4. Businessman Marian Kočner arrested (18 percent)

The controversial businessman is currently in pre-trial custody. He is charged with faking promissory notes and other economic crimes. The police are also investigating him in connection with the Kuciak murder.

NAKA detains businessman Kočner Read more 

4. Interior Minister Robert Kaliňák resigns (18 percent)

Robert Kaliňák (Smer) resigned three days ahead of Fico's resignation. Then Health Minister Tomáš Drucker (Smer nominee) replaced him. However, Drucker resigned less than a month upon his request. Denisa Saková (Smer) then took up the office, who had served as the state secretary at the Interior Ministry.

Kaliňák resigns Read more 

5. Centenary of Czechoslovakia (12 percent)

Czechoslovakia was established on October 28,1918. Slovaks proclaimed their independence from the Kingdom of Hungary two days after the Martin Declaration was signed. In 2018, October 30 was declared a one-off national holiday.

Slovaks celebrated the centenary of the Declaration of Slovak Nation – with Czechs Read more 

6. President Andrej Kiska decides not to run for the presidency (10 percent)

Kiska will not run or leave Read more 

7. Businessman Ladislav Bašternák sentenced (9 percent)

Tax fraud suspect Bašternák sentenced to five years Read more 

8. Municipal elections (7 percent)

5 most significant results of the municipal elections Read more 

8. Ex-ministers Janušek & Štefanov sentenced (7 percent)

Bulletin-board ministers go to prison Read more 

8. Scandal over Speaker of Parliament Andrej Danko's dissertation (7 percent)

Why is an 18-year-old doctoral dissertation causing an uproar among the public? Read more 

9. Fico's press conference with €1,000,000 on the table (4 percent)

Fico announced at the February 26 press conference that the government allocated €1 million for information that will help catch the murderers of Ján Kuciak and his fiance.

10. Marek Maďarič leaves Smer (3 percent)

Ex-culture minister Maďarič leaves Smer Read more 

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