Police to analyse phone calls between Vadala and Trošková

The recordings of phone calls come from Italian partners, acting Police Corps President Milan Lučanský said.

Milan LučanskýMilan Lučanský(Source: SME)

Acting Police Corps President Milan Lučanský has ordered an analysis of recordings of phone calls between Mária Trošková, former assistant of Smer chair Robert Fico, and Italian businessman and alleged mafia boss Antonino Vadala.

The police obtained the recordings from Italy, Lučanský said before a parliamentary defence and security committee on April 10.

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“Although the team considered them unreadable, we will get them analysed,” Lučanský added, as quoted by the TASR newswire. “We will manage to extract some things from them.”

The police will also ask for international legal help through the prosecutor's office to cleanse Slovakia of Vadala's activities, Lučanský claimed. He does not protest the interrogation of Vadala in Italy, either.

Lučanský went on to reassure MPs in the committee that any criminal activity that may be discovered on the recordings will be dealt with, TASR wrote.

Special prosecutor also investigated

In addition, the National Criminal Ageny (NAKA) has started a criminal prosecution in the case of a suspicious loan of Special Prosecutor Dušan Kováčik. He reportedly deposited €204,000 in cash into his bank account in 2016, Lučanský said after the hearing.

Although the bank reported the suspicious operation to the police, they did not initially look into the case.

In the meantime, Kováčik still refuses to step down and claims the transaction was performed in compliance with valid laws.

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