Bašternák charged with tax fraud again

Controversial businessman Ladislav Bašternák is currently serving a five-year prison sentence for another tax-related crime.

Controversial businessman Ladislav Bašternák is already serving a five-year sentence in prison. Controversial businessman Ladislav Bašternák is already serving a five-year sentence in prison. (Source: Sme)

Controversial businessman Ladislav Bašternák, who is serving a five-year sentence for tax evasion and insurance fraud based on the courts decision in March, has been accused of another tax-related crime, the police wrote on their Facebook page.

They brought a charge against the businessman for tax evasion and insurance fraud on April 11.

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Although Bašternák submitted his tax return for February 2013, he did not mention a real estate transaction linked to several flats in the Five Star Residence apartment complex. Bašternák thus failed to pay the VAT amounting to €200,000, the police wrote on Facebook.

Flats in the complex, which controversial businessman Marian Kočner had built, were to be fictitiously sold and acquired by related firms. They subsequently claimed VAT refunds from the state, the Sme daily wrote.

Damage of €20 million

Opposition MP Jozef Rajtár (SaS) has filed several complaints regarding tax fraud related to the Five Star Residence complex, in which Kočner and Bašternák were involved. The actual damage could exceed €20 million, he claimed, as reported by the TASR newswire.

“The charges against Bašternák linked to the tax evasion of €200,000 is just a crumb of all fraud that occurred in the complex,” Rajtár said, as quoted by TASR.

Bašternák's wife, who has taken control of her husband's property, is also involved in the fraud at the Five Star Residence, Rajtár underlined, as reported by TASR.

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