Chachaland cancels summer camps over the alleged child abuse

Camp coordinators consider taking legal steps.

One of the games with sexual intent at the Chachaland summer camp.One of the games with sexual intent at the Chachaland summer camp.(Source: Chachaland)

The Chachaland summer camp, run by an eponymous civic association, has cancelled this year's camp, the Sme daily reported.

The decision came after several women, including Katarína Danová, described how camp coordinators had allegedly abused them sexually as children.

"In such an atmosphere, it is impossible to organise a children's camp with the motivation and enthusiasm that are inevitable for the volunteers to provide their usual performance at the edge of their physical and mental strength,” camp coordinators wrote on their website.

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However, the organisation denies the child abuse allegations and is considering taking legal steps.

The police are already looking into the cases of women who decided to describe their experiences in the media.

If the abuse is proven, the court could dissolve Chachaland. However, this may take years, Sme wrote.

Games with sexual intent

Camp coordinators have also responded to the criticism of some games, which experts and people on social media say have a sexual undertone.

For instance, children were licking chocolate from both sides of a plastic foil and sticking sweets to their bodies by using their mouth, reminiscent of kissing in both cases. Chachaland promises to exclude these games in the future.

“Not because we see something sexual in them, but because we do not need them at all,” the organisation wrote, as quoted by Sme.

Commenting on their decision to cancel this year's camp, they said it is only a break, not the end.

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