An Experience for all the senses

Get to know the irreplaceable region of Slovakia - the region of Northern Spiš and Pieniny.

The smallest national park in Slovakia, rafting in Danube, the Gorals and Three Crowns: What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word Pieniny? Together with the Spiš region, Pieniny offers much more. You can get to know the irreplaceable region of Slovakia with all your senses. Your body and soul will be elated.

One day here is simply not enough

It's a fact that one day isn’t enough when getting to know Spiš and Pieniny. You should take your time and enjoy the great food, delicious Slovak whiskey, scrumptious chocolate and the beautiful scenery of surrounding nature. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for adventure or spiritual enrichment activities. Whether you’re traveling alone or with your family, or like walking, running, or riding a bicycle, Northern Spiš and Pieniny are increasingly popular beyond the borders of our homeland, so it is about the time you get to know it.

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"The region of Northern Spiš and Pieniny is synonymous with the cultural and historical heritage of our ancestors, with respect to the traditions and natural wealth. It doesn’t matter where the visitor of our picturesque region comes from. The kindness and hospitality of its inhabitants speaks for everything,"

Ing. Erika Šalatová, Executive Director of Regional Tourism Organization of Northern Spiš and Pieniny

For lovers of ancient times

On the Slovak-Polish border, you can feel the harmony between history and the present, admire nature, taste traditional dishes with a modern twist and experience something exhilirating. The Three Crowns and the majestic castle of Ľubovňa, built at the end of the 13th century, tower above. Behind its walls, the castle hid Polish crown jewels and imprisoned Móric Beňovský. The gorgeous natural surroundings and the open-air museum in its immediate vicinity can be enjoyed from the castle tower. You cannot miss the most precious building of the Ľubovnian Open-Air Museum and the 19th-century Greek Catholic church from Matysová.

In the nearby Medieval Military Camp, you can experience living in the historic tents of our ancestors, enjoy the performances given by falconers, try archery or see the world on horseback. You can even travel back in time and live the life of a burgher in the house of Ľubovnian burgher, located in the city center.

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Overwhelmed by a bath

Our grandparents knew how to appreciate the wealth of nature springing from the depths of the earth. Nowadays, spa business is an inseparable part of the region of Northern Spiš and Pieniny. Since after the war, the first renovated Red Monastery spa – Smerdžonka has been the go-to spot for relaxation and rejuvination in nature. The spa area is perfect for your skin and lungs and offers sports and relaxation zones with a unique Kneipp Therapy balancing trail.

Ľubovnian spa offers a well-rounded spa experience thanks to the famous Ľubovnianka springs, perfectly paired with lots of hiking trails and spring waters.

Equally famous is Vyšné Ružbachy with its spa traditions of more than four-hundred years. In its immediate vicinity, there is an architectonic gem – the White Cathedral of Earl Zamoyský, built from white travertine and the special travertine lake called Kráter. You can see the healing effects of the mineral springs of Northern Spiš and Pieniny by wandering around the Mineral Spring Road, which connects twelve of the region’s springs. The beneficial effects of Sulinka and Ľubovnian mineral waters have been known since the 19th century. The Empress herself, Elizabeth Bavarian, also known as Sisi, kept requesting to have Sulinka on the imperial table.

Full stomach

It is not said in vain that love passes through the stomach. People in Northern Spiš and Pieniny live by this wise saying. Based on public opinion, Salaš at Frank’s has been called the best restaurant in the Prešov region. Traditional cuisine as well as distilling has its place in this part of Slovakia. Its rarity and excellence underlines the first Slovak whiskey Nestville, which comes from the village Hniezdne, the smallest royal city of Hungary.

The owners of the local Nestville Park were able to link the customs and recipes of our ancestors with current trends and create an environment where the visitor experiences the history of the distillery and tastes Slovak whiskey and craft beer. The Chocolate factory in the complex is the cherry on the cake. The untouched environment of Northern Spiš and Pieniny is also predestined for the production of organic teas without artificial flavors, colors and aromas. The delightful Agrokarpaty company in Plavnica proves this.

Pleasure even for the spirit

Several ethnic and national groups live in peace in the Northern Spiš and Pieniny region. They are cohesive thanks to their interconnecting faith. Peace for your soul and a connection with God can be found on the mountain Zvir over Litmanova where Virgin Mary appeared. This pilgrimage site is now visited by pilgrims all over the world.

Nature is the most precious gift Northern Spiš and Pieniny have to offer. People from all over the world, including Japan, Argentina, USA, New Zealand and Korea, travel on foot or cycle here due to its fauna and flora. Walking trails can be used throughout the whole year. It doesn’t matter if you have hiking shoes, cross-country shoes or if you are riding a bicycle. Take in the spectacular view of the Three Crowns from the ancient village Lechnica, which lies on the foot of Spišská Magura.
You can enjoy the same view from the water by rafting on the traditional goral raft or in a rafting boat along the Danube. The Danube Delta is a perfect option for cyclists and cross-country skiers looking for a scenic break. For those with adrenaline coursing in their veins, the trails in Lechnice and under Ľubovňa castle are ideal for a one-way bicycle trip.

Although our region is not large, the heart of its every citizen is. We respect all visitors, and we take care of them with love, so they can enjoy the Northern Spiš and Pieniny region with all their senses. Come and see for yourself.

Ing. Erika Šalatová, Executive Director of the Regional Tourism Organization of Northern Spiš and Pieniny

Sleeping like a baby

Silence, fresh air and minimal light smog: You will sleep like a baby in Northern Spiš and Pieniny, a region with top-level travel services. This region’s rich traditions and calming spirit are felt with every step, at every guesthouse and hotel. Ask the Gorals, who meet in Pieniny every year or visitors of Lesnica, who are declared Gorals by the Peniny chalet’s keeper. Hotel Sorea Ľubovňa, known for its family and child-friendly facilities, is only seven kilometers away from Stará Ľubovňa. The picturesque Guest House Gurmen lies right in the heart of this city, which subtly combines history with modern architecture. You can find more information about accommodation options on our website:

This activity is implemented with the financial support of the Ministry of Transport and Construction of the Slovak Republic.

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