Banská Bystrica kicked off this year’s Pride parades in Slovakia

About 100 people participated in the event.

Pride in Banská BystricaPride in Banská Bystrica(Source: SITA)

Our planet is endangered by real problems and not LGBTI people – We forgive you. This was the main message of the Pride parade held in Banská Bystrica on June 29.

After Bratislava and Košice, it was the third city to host the event titled A transition for Equality. About 100 people came to the streets to show that LGBTI communities also live in smaller towns and cities, the public-service broadcaster RTVS reported.

“We hear about LGBTI people being a danger to society, the traditional family and even our statehood,” Milan Zvada, organiser of the Pride parade in Banská Bystrica, told RTVS. “However, we’re convinced that it’s not true and that we should start dealing with real problems, not fictive ones.”

Hearing the stories of LGBTI people

The main goal of the event was to connect various communities and initiatives that want to solve various local, social and environmental problems, and are willing to delimit themselves from labelling and fearing diversity, the SITA newswire reported.

The participants had a chance to hear the stories of four people from the LGBTI community. Apart from discussions about various topics, there was also a cultural programme.

The parade was organised by the Inokraj group that is active in Banská Bystrica Region. They organised the very first meeting of the LGBTI group in the city last year. It was not for Pride though, only a discussion and a concert, RTVS reported.

Pride in Banská Bystrica was the very first one held this year. There is a parade scheduled to take place in Bratislava on July 20 and on August 24 in Košice. The latter will be preceded by several activities held within Pride Week, starting on August 17.

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