Gay people at work? Otherness is not always accepted in Slovakia

There are significant regional differences regarding contact with LGBTI colleagues.

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More than one-tenth of Slovaks have colleagues who openly admit they belong to the LGBTI community. Their acceptance, however, significantly differs among people who have experience with the community and those who do not.

The majority of such employees can be found in workplaces in the Bratislava region. In the research conducted by website on 2,444 respondents, 17 percent said they have experience from around the capital.

The difference between Bratislava and other regions of Slovakia is rather significant. The lowest number of employees who meet with LGBTI colleagues at work is in the Trenčín region, only 4 percent.

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Creative fields

Employees meet with someone from the LGBTI community most often in the fields of marketing, advertising and PR. Almost one-quarter of these employees have had such an experience. Other frequent fields are HR, management, tourism, the gastro and hotel industry, journalism, pharmacy and banking.

The research revealed a significant disproportion between employees who have LGBTI colleagues and those who do not. About 33 percent of those without experience would positively perceive or accept such colleagues. On the other hand, 91.5 percent of those people who have LGBTI colleagues in the workplace view them positively and accept them.

About 4.7 percent with experience of LGBTI colleagues and 4.4 percent of people without experience have a negative attitude towards them.

More than one-fifth of the respondents declared that the LGBTI community experienced discrimination in the workplace. Their sexual orientation was the reason.

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