Win a trip to the safe regions in Iraq

The Slovak Catholic Charity's What is home? project asks participants to write an essay or make a short video on a topic related to migration.

Umma,Iraq.Umma,Iraq.(Source: Courtesy of SAHI)

Do you want to travel around the safe regions in Iraq? Are you interested in the topic of migration in Slovakia or in the stories of refugees?

The Slovak Catholic Charity has announced the second round of the competition "What is home?". The competition is for young people between 18 to 30 years old who are interested in the topic of migration. Participants of the contest will be asked to write an essay or to make a short video on one of the selected topics:

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1. Stories of refugees for whom Slovakia has become a new home. Describe or record the story of a person who came from another country and is looking for a new home in Slovakia. In the story clearly explain the reasons, causes, or the main impulse for leaving home.

2. Slovakia and its responsibility towards refugees. Describe how we can show solidarity with other states in the areas of migration or the refugee crisis.

3. Slovak narrative against foreigners: How can we change it? Explain what influences the opinion of Slovaks against people from other countries. Analyse the consequences of the relationship of Slovaks with foreigners and present a possible solution to the problem.

The competition is part of the project MIND (Migration. Interconnectedness. Development.) This 3-year project (October 2017-September 2020) is financed by the European Commission and led by Caritas Austria with Caritas Europa in the co-lead with 10 further Caritas organisations as partners.

Project MIND seeks to raise public awareness of the relation between sustainable development and migration and the EU’s role in developing cooperation. The winner of the “What is home?” contest will be awarded with a guided trip to safe regions in Iraq where Caritas Slovakia is conducting several humanitarian projects or a stay at the Magdas Hotel in Vienna.

Contest entries should be sent to by October 31, 2019. More information on the contest can be found here.

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