Good choice? Ex-minister announces his ambition of founding a party

Former health minister Tomáš Drucker posted news on Facebook.

Tomáš Drucker, once a Smer nominee, served as a health and interior minister.Tomáš Drucker, once a Smer nominee, served as a health and interior minister. (Source: TASR)

“It has been decided. We are going for it,” ex-health and interior minister Tomáš Drucker wrote on Facebook.

He thus confirmed the weeks-long rumours regarding his desire to establish his own political party, which he named Dobrá voľba (Good Choice).

“If there is something politics lacks today, it is normality,” he wrote next to his promo video on the social media.

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Drucker disappeared from politics last year, but he remains one of the most trustworthy politicians. Given the June poll by the Focus agency, Drucker is the third-most trustworthy politicians with 34.5 percent, as reported by the Sme daily.

PM rumoured to join in

He even outperformed Slovakia's former president Andrej Kiska in the poll, who officially announced his new party Za ľudí (For the People) after his term of office ended in June.

Just like Kiska, who convinced some well-known public figures to join his party, including politician Veronika Remišová and activist Juraj Šeliga, Drucker is recommended that he do the same to popularise his emerging party.

“It will be important to have interesting names in the party, who will communicate with the media,” said Václav Hřích of the AKO poll agency to Sme.

For example, Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini (Smer) is rumoured to join the new party, although Drucker refuses to speculate. The rumour stems from Pellegrini being in conflict with Smer head Robert Fico over a few matters.

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Most-Híd MPs Martin Fedor and Katarína Cséfalvayová are said to join Drucker, and Police Academy rector Lucia Kurilovská may back the former minister, too.

Smer could lose

Although Drucker has just begun to collect 10,000 signatures to get his party registered, he may attract many Smer voters to his party prior to the 2020 elections.

This is due to his appearance and the fact that people do not connect him with Smer scandals, despite the fact he was a Smer nominee until last year.

“If it is a left-wing party that will continue with socio-democratic measures, once represented by Smer, it may lure some Smer voters,” said Hřích, as quoted by Sme.

Provided Pellegrini joins Drucker's Dobrá Voľba, his decision would be a clear confirmation of the political affiliation of the former minister's new party.

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