Spa town Piešťany and Vienna to be connected with a bus line

The Piešťany Spa Express is not just for spa guests; anyone can buy a ticket.

PiešťanyPiešťany(Source: Courtesy of Spa Piešťany)
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Slovak spa Piešťany will offer a new service as of September 5 – the Piešťany Spa Express bus line. It will commute twice a week from the spa town Piešťany to Vienna and back.

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The Piešťany Spa Express will commute every Thursday and Sunday until October 31, 2019. It leaves Piešťany at 9:30, collecting clients with purchased tickets right in front of the hotel they are staying at.

The bus will reach Vienna at 12:15 at Hauptbahnhof Südtiroler Platz. On the same day, the bus returns to Piešťany.

Not just for spa guests

The bus then departs from Hauptbahnhof Südtiroler Platz, Vienna, at 13:30, while it is scheduled to arrive in Piešťany at 15:45 in front of the hotel where the guests are accommodated. However, the bus line is not just for spa guests; anyone can purchase the ticket.

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“Spa Piešťany is open to cooperation with other accommodation facilities in Piešťany,” said Tatiana Nevolná of Slovak Spa, as quoted by the SITA newswire.

The standard price of a one-way ticket is €19.90 online. If there is free space in the bus’ luggage space, transporting a bike is also possible.

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