Slovakia belongs to the smallest municipal waste producers, but it fails in recycling

Most of the waste still ends up at landfills.

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Slovakia belongs to the EU countries that produce the least municipal waste per capita. An average Slovak generated only 378 kilograms of municipal waste in 2017, placing the country fourth, according to the Eurostat data.

The least waste per capita was produced in Romania (272 kilograms), followed by Poland (315 kilograms) and the Czech Republic (344 kilograms), while the most was produced in Denmark (781 kilograms). The EU average in 2017 was 486 kilograms per capita.

“The variations reflect differences in consumption patterns and economic wealth, but also depend on how municipal waste is collected and managed,” Eurostat wrote in a report. “There are differences between countries regarding the degree to which waste from commerce, trade and administration is collected and managed together with waste from households.”

Landfills still dominate

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On the other hand, most of the municipal waste ends up in landfills. Back in 2015, it was as much as two-thirds, while last year the figure dropped to 55 percent, the Hospodárske Noviny daily reported.

At the same time, Slovakia reported an increase in its recycling statistics. While in 2017, it recycled 29 percent of municipal waste, last year it recycled 36 percent.

However, the country needs to increase the share of recycling to 65 percent by 2035 and reduce the amount of waste sent to the landfills to only one-tenth of communal waste, Hospodárske Noviny wrote.

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