More charges rain down on Kočner, suspect in the Kuciak murder case

Marian Kočner was allegedly sending messages from prison to influential people.

Marian Kočner in court. Marian Kočner in court. (Source: Sme)

Marian Kočner, who stands accused, among other charges, of ordering the murder of Ján Kuciak, was charged with yet another crime.

The police charged him with the disruption of justice, the police informed on its Facebook page. They believe he was trying to send hidden messages through his friend, Peter Tóth, who has since turned against and is testifying against him in several cases.

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Kočner was detained on charges regarding the forged promissory notes case in late June 2018. The police said they detained the messages in November 2018. The police did not say if they also charged another person in relation to this crime.

In one case, Kočner reportedly attempted to forge evidence in the promissory notes case, Sme daily reported.

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Several editorials in Slovakia received an anonymous e-mail last December, alleging that he was sending letters with instructions through his lawyer Andrej Šabík. To make sure they will pass prison security checks, he allegeldy placed them in an envelope with supplements, which was rarely opened. Šabík then allegedly passed the letters to Tóth, Sme wrote. Tóth confirmed this story.

Šabík told Sme that he had nothing to do with the messages, and that the police did not contact him in this case. Šabík is involved in several companies with Kočner. He also faces prosecution, in the case of the hostile takeover of Technopol Servis, Sme wrote.

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Attorneys of underworld figures have been prosecuted for delivering letters out of prison in the past, Sme noted.

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