Fast food restaurants head out to the regions

Several restaurants have expansion plans for the following months.

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Several fast food restaurants plan to expand to the regions. This includes Burger King, Starbucks and McDonald’s, the Profit magazine reported.

Burger King in eastern Slovakia

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Burger King returned to Slovakia last year after a seven-year absence, with the franchise resting in the hands of Spanish company AmRest. It opened its first restaurants in Bratislava’s Bory Mall and Avion shopping centres. This year, a restaurant in Bratislava’s Aupark was opened and a new branch will soon be launched in Košice.

The company plans to continue its expansion next year.

“We can confirm we will be opening a Burger King in Prešov,” said Jakub Pala, regional manager of Burger King Slovakia, as quoted by Profit.

Starbucks in the capital’s city centre

AmRest also owns a franchise for the Starbucks coffee network, which entered the Slovak market three years ago. It has opened branches in five shopping centres in Bratislava and one in Žilina’s Aupark.

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A new café should soon be opened in downtown Bratislava, confirmed Kateřina Kácovská, brand manager of Starbucks for the Czech Republic and Slovakia, for Profit.

It also plans to open more branches outside the capital, but has not yet specified the dates and localities.

Subway will expand too

Subway entered the Slovak market 10 years ago, and since then has opened branches in 22 localities.

While until recently, it has invested in remodelling the restaurants and a new menu, it now wants to focus more on expansion.

“We will soon head out to Prešov, Poprad and Nitra,” Matej Varga, representative of the Subway network in Slovakia, told Profit. They also want to open a branch at the new bus station in Bratislava.

The company plans to expand into various untypical places, and open self-service kiosks. The first one should operate in Nitra, Profit wrote.

Pizza Hut Express in Aupark

AmRest also operates the Pizza Hut Express brand. The network came to the market in 1997, and was run by Queensway Restaurants Slovakia. However, it closed the last branch in Bratislava’s Petržalka borough last April.

AmRest re-opened the branches at the end of last year, claiming it is not a restart.

The Pizza Hut Express format is currently used in Bratislava’s Bory Mall and Avion shopping centres. In September, a new branch will be opened in Aupark, and there are further plans for expansion, said Romana Piskulová, brand manager of Pizza Hut for the Czech Republic and Slovakia, as reported by Profit.

McDonald’s is searching for franchise

The biggest fast food chain, McDonald’s, opened its first restaurant in Banská Bystrica in 1995. It currently manages 30 restaurants, with one-third of them running as a franchise.

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The last new restaurant was opened in Bratislava’s Bory Mall in autumn 2014. The chain wants to expand though, and is working on a new restaurant in Petržalka, Profit wrote.

In addition, it plans to sell its branches as franchises in the following years, and then open restaurants in new localities, according to the magazine.

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