More than 30,000 pilgrims honoured Slovakia’s patroness in Šaštín

Holy mass was attended by several personalities, including the country’s top officials.

The national pilgrimage at the Šaštín BasilicaThe national pilgrimage at the Šaštín Basilica (Source: SITA)

Believers from across Slovakia came to honour the spiritual patroness of Slovakia. They attended the national pilgrimage to Šaštín (Trnava Region), held on September 15 when the country celebrates Our Lady of Seven Sorrows.

The pilgrimage culminated with a holy mass held in front of the Šaštín Basilica, the SITA newswire reported.

The day is also a national holiday in Slovakia.

A crisis of obedience and authorities stressed

In his homily, Apostolic Prefect of Azerbaijan Vladimír Fekete focused on the crises of obedience and authority. This is reflected in the fear of some parents to raise their children to obey rules.

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He also mentioned the crisis within the Church itself.

“It’s painful to hear about the moral failures of clergymen,” Fekete said, as quoted by SITA. “These facts cannot be justified; instead, their originators have to be taken to responsibility.”

He also slammed the criticism of some clergymen towards Pope Francis, and stressed that many lack respect and obedience, as well as modesty and humbleness towards their superiors.

The mass was also attended by Slovakia’s top representatives, including President Zuzana Čaputová, PM Peter Pellegrini and Speaker of Parliament Andrej Danko.

“I’m glad that I could attend the mass; it’s always a place to calm down and pray,” Čaputová said, as quoted by the TASR newswire.

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Suffering is part of all of us and our everyday life. It is good to think about how suffering can be a chance to change and deepen the relation to ourselves and compassion to the others, she added.

Pellegrini stressed that evil and hatred cannot be used to move forward, while Danko considers Šaštín a place for contemplation where he can come during hard times, TASR reported.

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