Police no longer investigating alleged blackmailing of Kiska

The investigator does not regard it as a criminal act.

Robert Fico hands in the resignation of his government to President Andrej Kiska in March 2018.Robert Fico hands in the resignation of his government to President Andrej Kiska in March 2018.(Source: SME)

The National Criminal Agency (NAKA) has stopped criminal prosecution concerning the alleged blackmailing of former president Andrej Kiska by ex-prime minister Robert Fico.

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The investigator ruled it was not a criminal act, police spokesperson Denisa Bárdyová confirmed for the private broadcaster TV JOJ.

As Kiska told the media, Fico allegedly threatened him in January 2019 when he planned on becoming the Constitutional Court president. The ex-PM reportedly claimed that if the then-president did not appoint Fico, he would launch attacks on the president.

In mid-February, Fico withdrew his candidacy for the post, however.

Hours of hearings

A criminal complaint in this case was filed by Ondrej Dostál, MP for Freedom and Solidarity (SaS). As a result, both Kiska and Fico spent several hours in a hearing room.

“A police investigator wrote in his report, published by the media, that [Marian] Kočner and [Norbert] Bödör had long been working on my discrediting through the police to the advantage of Smer,” Kiska reacted to the NAKA’s decision, as reported by TV JOJ.

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Kočner is facing a number of charges, including forgery of promissory notes and for ordering the murder of journalist Ján Kuciak. Nitra-based businessman Norbert Bödör is the son of Miroslav Bödör, who owns the Bonul company, which has won several government orders under the Smer government.

That is why no criminal complaints against Fico make sense, Kiska also said, adding they had all been trying to discredit him during his five years in the presidential office.

“We will make an appeal against the decision, which is not valid, and file a complaint,” Kiska’s lawyer Daniel Lipšic claimed, as quoted by TV JOJ.

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