Focus poll: One-third of voters would support the coalition of PS, Spolu and Za Ľudí

The poll was carried out for the private broadcaster TV Markíza.

Za Ľudí met at a congress in late September.Za Ľudí met at a congress in late September.(Source: TASR)

If there was an election coalition of parties Progressive Slovakia (PS), Spolu (Together) and Za Ľudí (For the People), it would be supported by more than 27 percent of respondents.

This stems from a poll carried out by the Focus agency for the private broadcaster TV Markíza on September 11-17 on a sample of 1,027 respondents.

On the other hand, more than 65 percent of them would not vote for the coalition.

As for the voters of concrete parties, Smer voters support such a coalition the least. More than 90 percent of them said they would not vote for it. They were followed by the voters of the non-parliamentary Christian Democratic Movement (KDH), with nearly 80 percent of voters not voting for the potential coalition.

On the other hand, it would be supported by one-half of PS/Spolu voters, while 38 percent of them would consider voting for them.

As for the voters of Za Ľudí, the party of ex-president Andrej Kiska, the coalition would be supported by 46.2 percent of voters, while another 43 percent would consider voting for it.

The coalition would not be supported by nearly 56 percent of voters of the Ordinary People and Independent Personalities (OĽaNO) movement and more than 48 percent of the voters of Freedom and Solidarity (SaS).

As for Sme Rodina, 66 percent of voters cannot imagine such a coalition, the Focus poll suggests.

Potential coalition is questionable

The poll did not take into consideration the recent developments in SaS, which has seen more than 20 members leave, including top figures like Ľubomír Galko and Jana Kiššová, the Sme daily reported.

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Moreover, the poll was carried out before the first meeting of Za Ľudí, which took place in late September, said Focuss head Martin Slosiarik.

The attitude of people may have changed after the convention, where Spolu leader Miroslav Beblavý called on the party to join them, referring to the internal poll they had ordered. Some commentators called it impolite, Sme wrote.

“It’s hard to say how the voters of Za Ľudí perceived it,” Slosiarik said, as quoted by Sme, adding that some voters expressed their outrage on social networks.

Only the following survey will show how Za Ľudí perceived the statement, and it will probably also influence the party's decision to join the coalition.

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