Slovakia awarded the first “space Oscars” for space innovation received the award for its system enabling to monitor the millimetre movements of buildings via satellites.

Team of the project remotIO-X and Nicolas Huguet (second from the left), head of the department of digital services in Airbus Defence and Space.Team of the project remotIO-X and Nicolas Huguet (second from the left), head of the department of digital services in Airbus Defence and Space. (Source: Courtesy of )

Slovakia has received its first award in the prestigious Copernicus Masters competition, dubbed the European “space Oscars”.

The company was awarded for its remotIO-X system, which can monitor even the millimetre movements of buildings through the Earth via satellites.

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It enables the monitoring of possible landslides and hillside deformation in Slovakia, as well as mining activities, container of gas, bridges, highways, water dams, water management buildings, cultural monuments and other structures.

The system also enables to the simultaneous monitoring of towns and regions with high sensitivity to millimetre movements of structures.

Cooperation with Airbus

The jury chose winners from 182 participating companies in eight categories and evaluated their innovative approach and contribution to the industry and Europeans.

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The Slovak company was successful in the “Airbus sobloo Multi-Data Challenge” category, which gives the company the opportunity to develop the project in cooperation with Airbus Defence and Space (offering satellite data) and European consortium sobloo operating infrastructure for remote research data of the Earth and Copernicus programme.

The company has been working since 2011 under the auspices of the European Commission and European Space Agency.

The aim of the competition is to appreciate the most progressive projects from the field of processing and deep data analysis related to remote research of the Earth, machine learning, AI, the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0.

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