UPDATED: Economy Ministry annuls recent registrations for e-car subsidy

They increased the total amount of support through subsidies by €1 million citing enormous demand. New registrations to open next week.

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The Economy Ministry said it will declare recent registrations for an e-car subsidy invalid after a website through which people could apply went down.

“The initial registration specifications of technical nature did not give an equal chance to most candidates because only some versions of Internet browsers were supported,” the ministry said in its press release.

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The collapse of the website happened only 30 minutes after its launch on December 11. During this time, the website recorded a total of 8,000 visitors.

Under the new scheme, people can apply for an €8,000 subsidy to purchase an electric vehicle, and €5,000 to buy a plug-in hybrid.

“This measure fell on fertile ground and the demand for e-cars is big,” Economy Minister Peter Žiga (Smer) said, as quoted by the TASR newswire.

The total number of subsidy applications climbed to €1.2 million in the first 30 minutes. The Economy Ministry wants to spend €5 million in total on subsidies to support electromobility.

One million more

The registration of new applications has been suspended after the website crashed, the Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency (SIEA) said.

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“This is due to the unexpected technical issues and the number of unauthorised interventions from the external environment that occurred shortly after the registration was launched,” SIEA communication head Stanislav Jurikovič said , as quoted by TASR.

“It should be borne in mind that, with the €5 million allocated so far, a maximum of 1,000 vehicles could be supported depending on their type,” the ministry said on December 12.

Because of the enormous demand, the Economy Ministry decided to increase the total amount of electromobility support through subsidies by €1 million. The ministry will thus distribute a total of €6 million to applicants.

The relaunch of the website was initially planned for December 12 but was moved to midday on December 16.

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