E-car subsidies used up after 4 minutes

668 applicants registered for subsidies for the purchase of electric and plug-in hybrid cars.

The Economy Ministry has come up with several ideas to support electromobility in Slovakia.The Economy Ministry has come up with several ideas to support electromobility in Slovakia. (Source: TASR)

It took only four minutes for the state subsidies allocated for the purchase of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles to be completely gone.

The Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency (SIEA) launched the registration of applicants on December 16, offering €6 million.

The problems, which occurred last week and forced the Economy Ministry to annul the previous registrations and prepare the system anew, did not occur again, the TASR newswire reported.

Applicants need to fulfil other conditions

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Under the current scheme, people can apply for an €8,000 subsidy to purchase an electric vehicle, and €5,000 to buy a plug-in hybrid.

668 people asking for subsidies on 786 vehicles registered themselves. They will now have to meet other conditions to receive the money.

The Economy Ministry will now send the agreement to all successful applicants. They will have 12 months to purchase the e-car. They will also have to own it for at least two years, and will not be able to use leasing to finance the purchase, TASR reported.

The maximum price of the vehicle was set to €50,000 including VAT.

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