The Year of the Ruthenian village

Start of preparation for counting of citizens.

(Source: James Thomson)

A platform of Ruthenian professional institutions, civil associations and activists have pronounced the year 2020 as the Year of the Ruthenian Village.

They have also introduced a logo that will connect all the activities linked to the year-long event.

“The logo is based on a detail of folk embroidery that we often see in Ruthenian regions,” said Peter Medviď of the Round Table of Ruthenians in Slovakia (OSRS), as quoted by the SITA newswire.

He added that it exemplifies the richness of the folk culture that has been preserved mainly in the villages.

Counting citizens

Chairman of the OSRS, Peter Štefaňák, also introduced an action plan for the Year of the Ruthenian Village that was approved at the meeting. This includes activities on social networks, air-time in the Ruthenian media and central and local cultural events within the project.

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“The OSRS would like to make Ruthenian villages more visible within the media by showing their natural and cultural richness but we also need to show the problems that these villages encounter,” Medviď said, as quoted by SITA.

As these are small villages in the north-east of Slovakia, their problems include lack of finances and lack of vacancies which leads to work-driven migration to other regions which is then followed by assimilation.

New order

There will be a count of citizens, houses and flats in 2021 and these activities should help people of Ruthenian origin to claim allegiance to their nationality and mother tongue.

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The OSRS has also established the Order of Adolf Dobriansky. It will be given to those people who contribute to the development of the national identity and the increasing quality of life of Ruthenians in Slovakia and abroad.

The order was named after the significant Ruthenian revivalist and politician. This award will be presented for the first time on February 22. The order of the fourth grade will be given to one of the codifiers of the Ruthenian language in Slovakia, Vasiľ Jabura and the Ruthenian translator and activist Anna Kuzmiakova. The Order of the fifth grade will be given to the Ruthenian activist from Poland and founder of the first Ruthenian internet radio station, Bogdan Gambaľ.

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