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Two more coronavirus cases confirmed in Slovakia

Bratislava Region closes some schools, Foreign Ministry does not recommend travelling to Italy.

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  • Two more people in Slovakia tested positive on Sunday, one from Bratislava and one from Senec. One has been hospitalised, the other one remains in home isolation. There are now five confirmed cases of the coronavirus infection in Slovakia, while 491 samples have tested negative.
  • Secondary schools administered by the Bratislava Self-Governing Region will be closed between March 9 and March 13 in response to the coronavirus occurring in the region of the capital, Bratislava Regional Governor Juraj Droba informed.
  • Bratislava Cambridge International School will remain closed for two weeks as of March 9, after one of its students was diagnosed with the coronavirus. This is not a new case; the student is most likely a member of the Slovak family that has been quarantined in Austria. (Sme)
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  • Comenius University and Slovak University of Technology, both Bratislava-based, suspended lessons until March 21. Rectors recommended students who live in dormitories to go home during the break. The education was suspended also at the University of Economics in Bratislava (until March 21), the Academy of Performing Arts (until March 14), and the Slovak Medical University (until March 21).
  • The city of Košice banned all events with a higher concentration of people that are organised by the self-government as of March 9. (Korzar)
  • The Foreign Affairs Ministry does not recommend citizens travel to Italy.
  • Low-cost airline Wizz Air cancelled all flights to the Italian cities of Milano, Treviso, and Bergamo. This also applies to its regular lines from Budapest and Debrecen to Milano-Malpensa. (ČTK)
  • Bratislava Region is also following the Public Health Authority's instructions and does not recommend visits to hospitalised patients or clients at social care facilities.
  • Bratislava's Old Town borough has closed the primary school on Hlboká Street as some children were in direct contact with people infected with the coronavirus.
  • The city of Bratislava closed the city gallery, the city museum and the city library.

  • The Education Ministry informed about the cancellation of all trips, excursions and study stays of pupils abroad, and the visits to reeducation facilities until further notice.

  • The Trnava Self-Governing Region cancelled all performances in the Ján Palárik Theatre in Trnava and planned mass events in other cultural facilities until the end of this week. At the same time, all buses and school premises will be disinfected.

  • The Košice Self-Governing Region follows the orders from the Health Ministry and banned visits to the hospitals and social care facilities. It also cancelled planned cultural events organised by the region. In addition, all employees working for the region who have been in Italy or China recently have been ordered to take a two-week holiday. The region also regulates the visits to its office, starting on March 9, and abolished business trips abroad.

  • The buses operated by the contract partners of the Košice Self-Governing Region, the Arriva Michalovce and Eurobus companies, will be disinfected.

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