Trend lays off its political reporters

The weekly has also temporarily changed its periodicity.

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The Trend economic weekly will lose about one-quarter of its editorial staff, including all political reporters. The reason is the drop in advertising incomes due to the coronavirus pandemic resulting in an effort to cut expenses by 25 percent, the website reported.

The weekly’s publisher, News and Media Holding controlled by the Penta financial group, will dismiss eight of its 35 reporters. This includes current deputy editor-in-chief Eva Mihočková, as well as journalists Marián Biel, Peter Kapitán, Tomáš Nejedlý, Martin Poláš, Ján Meľuch, Jarmila Horváthová, and visual department manager Mariana Krupková, wrote.

Editorial will also lose Peter Habara and Martin Šuba, who decided to leave the weekly earlier. As a result, all reporters writing political news will depart.

Periodicity to change as well

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Trend will also temporarily change its periodicity. In the coming six weeks, it will be issued bi-weekly.

“Regarding the limits of distribution, we’re forced to change the periodicity,” its Editor-in-Chief Tomáš Skřivánek wrote in the recent issue.

The restrictive measures will also impact other titles issued by the publisher, reported.

Disclaimer: The Penta financial group has a minority share in Petit Press, the co-owner of The Slovak Spectator.

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