Half-bald mountain peak worth visiting

It is not crowded and offers perfect views.

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The Veľká Fatra mountain range in central Slovakia has many peaks that are worth a visit. One of them is quite inconspicuous and can look like two different peaks. It is called Lysec and it offers great views for those who take the trouble to explore it.

There are several ways to reach its top and you can also hike along the ridge.

To the top – it won’t be easy

If the only aim of the hike is Lysec, the best starting point is Jasenská Dolina valley, a small ski resort near Martin. The parking lot is free and the touristic marks start here.

There are two ways to get to the top. We decide to follow the blue one from the parking lot. A sign announces that in three hours and ten minutes, we should reach the top.

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The hike is not really long in terms of kilometres, but it is rather demanding. To reach the top, you have to ascend 900 metres in altitude.

Most of the hiking route is hidden in the forest. The higher you go, the better the views. However, for tired hikers, the best views await at the top, when you emerge from the forests and find yourself on the peak of Lysec with views of the Veľká Fatra mountain range.

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Half-bald mountain

The top of the peak also reveals another aspect of the mountain, from which it got its name. Lysec is derived from the Slovak word “lysý” meaning bald. On this part of the peak, almost no trees grow. It gives the peak its recognisable character – half forest, half bald.

On the way back, you can descend via the bald side and return to the starting point using the yellow and then the green marks. This also offers great views of the Lučanská part of the Malá Fatra mountain range and the town of Martin.

The overall circuit takes about five hours, but you should definitely be ready to set aside a few more to enjoy the views from the top.

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