FAQ: Crossing the borders amid COVID-19 measures in Slovakia

A less strict regime for some people, mainly those living in cross-border regions, applies as of May 1.

The border crossing near RajkaThe border crossing near Rajka (Source: TASR)

The government has eased the rules for cross-border workers. The originally pondered requirement to show a negative COVID-19 test result was scrapped.

The exceptions on the border apply to health care workers residing in Slovakia and working in the Czech Republic and Austria, and for people who live and work within 30 km from the borders.

The Sme daily has answered some frequently asked questions regarding the border checks.

1. I commute to work daily across Slovakia's borders. What documents do I need to cross the borders?

All cross-border workers must show a document proving their job position. Those with adequate documentation con continue their daily commute without having to go into state quarantine for 14 days. The person's workplace and their residence must not be further than 30 km away from the borders.

2. Are there any exceptions from the 30-kilometre distance rule?

The only exception is for health care workers working in the Czech regions bordering with Slovakia, but they have to prove they are COVID-19 negative, with a PCR test result no older than 48 hours.

Under the new rules, the same will apply for social workers, like care workers in the Czech Republic and in Austria, if they work in the federal states of Lower Austria, Burgenland, or Vienna.

Once they cross the Slovak border, they will not be required to stay in quarantine if they can show a negative COVID-19 test no older than 96 hours.

3. As a cross-border worker within 30 km, do I need to show a coronavirus test too?

The state eventually scrapped this planned requirement.

4. Our family lives in Hungary, Austria, or the Czech Republic, but only I work in Slovakia. Can we all cross the border?

Relatives were required to go to state quarantine, but in reality police officers used to turn these people back. The Foreign Affairs Ministry is now dealing with the situation to ensure people are able to visit the doctor and later go to schools or kindergartens in Slovakia. The central crisis staff has released measures for children and underage persons who are related to cross-border workers.

5. I have been at work in Vienna for weeks. When will I be able to go home while avoiding state quarantine?

There is no such option for now, unless the person works as a health care worker or a carer. Only these professions are are exempt from quarantine if they can show a negative COVID-19 test no older than 96 hours.

6. I need to take school admission tests in a neighbouring country. Will I have to go to quarantine when I return?

The crisis staff has granted Slovak students abroad an exemption so that they can take their necessary admission or final exams.


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