Matovič government gains parliament's trust

One oppositon MP supported the programme statement - by mistake.

Parliament expressed its confidence in the Matovič government on April 30, 2020. Parliament expressed its confidence in the Matovič government on April 30, 2020. (Source: TASR)

MPs have voted in favour of the programme statement of the government and have thus expressed their confidence in the government of Igor Matovič, the 12th government in the post-1993 history of Slovakia.

Matovič and his ministers were appointed on March 21. They delivered their programme statement to the parliament just before the 30-day deadline expired, on April 20.

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A simple majority of 76 out of the overall 150 votes in the parliament was required for the programme statement to be passed. In the end, 93 of the 141 present MPs voted to express confidence in the Matovič government.

The ruling coalition of four parties, OĽaNO, Sme Rodina, SaS, and Za Ľudí, together has 95 seats in the house. Jana Cigániková of SaS, the head of the health care committee, did not attend the vote. She had announced earlier that she was not going to support the statement due to the one-health-insurer policy it mentions. Alexandra Pivková of Za Ľudí was also not present.

One coalition MP, Vladimír Faič of Smer, supported the programme statement in the house, the Sme daily reported.

The government was elected following a campaign that was largely anti-corruption and directed mainly against the then-ruling party Smer, now the second largest in the house and the larger of the two opposition parties.

“While in power, we undertake to always tell the truth and act honestly. We will approach public finance and state property as good treasurers and not tolerate any corruption,” the first page of the 121-page document states.

Read more about the programme statement of the Matovič government:

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