Pellegrini: I will leave Smer if I fail

The former prime minister is ready to challenge Robert Fico for the party's top post.

PM Peter Pellegrini after February's elections.PM Peter Pellegrini after February's elections. (Source: TASR)

Peter Pellegrini, who only recently admitted that he was ready to challenge the only-ever Smer chairman Robert Fico in the next vote for the part's top post, said his departure from Smer could be "one of the solutions".

He will leave if he does not succeed with his candidacy for the chairman post.

Pellegrini served as prime minister after the cabinet reshuffles that followed the Kuciak murder and the ensuing street protests against the Fico government in Slovakia in 2018. He concluded his term on March 21, shortly after the coronavirus outbreak in Slovakia, and is currently the most popular Smer politician in polls.

Pellegrini said they have not yet discussed the date of Smer's party congress. However, he said some time ago that it should take place sooner and they should not wait until December, when the regular annual congress is usually held, the SITA newswire reported.

Pellegrini says the discussion that awaits him in Smer is not causing him any stress. He emphasised that it is his duty to offer politics that are in demand. If people are not interested in it, according to him, it is the duty of a politician to thank their voters and leave.

"Above all it is important to remain in good health and to be happy doing what we do. And not to hold on to some function tooth and nail. That can only cause you some health problems," he said, as quoted by SITA.

If he begins to feel that they no longer want him, he will not force himself up, he continued.

"When I start to feel it and people tell me that, you know, Pelle, you should get out of politics, I would salute and say it was an honour, and I would be gone," he added.

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