Bratislava’s Petržalka is tighting up on drinking in public

Those caught red-handed could be fined up to €33.

Petržalka adds more places to the list of where drinking in public is prohibited. Petržalka adds more places to the list of where drinking in public is prohibited. (Source: TASR)

In May, the biggest borough of Bratislava, Petržalka, extended the list of places where drinking alcohol in public is prohibited. These now include terraces of apartment blocks, which have proven to be the most problematic, Mánesovo and Humenské Squares as well as the public space in front of the Technopol office building, among others.

“We want to make the life of the inhabitants of Petržalka better,” said Jana Hrehorová, deputy mayor of Petržalka, as cited in a press release.

Within the whole territory of Bratislava, drinking alcoholic beverages has been prohibited close to schools, churches, medical facilities, playgrounds and city public transport stops since 2014.

It is the municipal police who supervise the consumption of alcohol in public. Field control alone is not easy, as the offence must be reliably recorded, for example, by photograph or recordings from the camera system. However, the municipal police carry detection devices, by which they can detect alcohol either from a person's breath or from vapours from bottles. If the presence of alcohol is confirmed, the police officer may impose a fine of up to €33.

In order that the new regulation does not remain on paper only, the municipality is raising awareness in problem areas and in cooperation with the municipal police, it is currently launching a campaign to inform citizens of how they can proceed if they witness a breach of the regulation. Those, who see somebody drinking alcohol in a prohibited place can call 159 - the municipal police – or in the case of a repeated offence write to

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