From Skalica to the Great Moravian settlement on two wheels

A recently constructed bridge above the Morava River is also on the route.

The Church of St Margaret of Antioch near Kopčany.The Church of St Margaret of Antioch near Kopčany. (Source: Radka Minarechová)
With this guide you’re sure to find that “Little Rome” is larger than life and ready to welcome you with open arms (and mead). With this guide you’re sure to find that “Little Rome” is larger than life and ready to welcome you with open arms (and mead).

The town of Skalica in the westernmost corner of Slovakia, close to the Czech border, is not just about trdelník and its famous red wine, Skalický Rubín.

It is surrounded by several cycling trails, one of which can take you to Mikulčice, a small village in the Czech Republic, where excavations from the Great Moravian times were uncovered.

The cycling route leads mostly through the forest and then fields, along the Morava River. The only time you will have to conquer the hill is when crossing the recently constructed bridge above the river.

To avoid busy roads, start your trip from the town centre to Baťa Canal, following the red and blue signs. From there, follow the Moravská Cyclistická Cesta (Moravian Cycling Route), marked with a red C..

It will take you right to Kopčany and the new bridge. Then follow the blue sign towards the fortified settlement in Mikulčice, where you can have some refreshments or visit museums.

On your way back, you can take a slightly different path. Go right on the first turn after leaving the bridge on the Slovak side of the river, heading to Kopčany. On your way, you can stop by the Church of St Margaret of Antioch, and follow the road to Holíč Castle.

You then take the Záhorská Cyklomagistrála route (which is the same as the main road), and return to Skalica’s town centre.

Those who want to avoid main roads and cars can return the same way or try the Moravian side of the dam.

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