Wild Sokolia Valley in Slovenský Raj conceals beautiful waterfalls

A hike in Sokolia Dolina valley is among the most difficult in Slovenský Raj.

(Source: TASR)

Biely potok (White Stream), the right-side inflow of the Hornád River, created a narrow valley called Tomášovská Belá in the national park Slovenský Raj (Slovak Paradise) that is a perfect place for hiking. Learn more with our Spectacular Slovakia travel guide.

There is a green touristic route leading through the strait of Tomášovská Belá, which allows to cross the national park from the south point of Dedinky to the north.

The waterfall of 75 metres in Sokolia Dolina valley is the highest fall in Slovenský Raj.

Sokolia Dolina valley is considered to be the steepest valley in Slovenský Raj. It is possible to hike by using many bridges and ladders. The yellow one-way touristic route leads here.

The entrance to Sokolia Dolina valley is from Tomášovská Belá, ending at Veľká Poľana.

The hike in Sokolia Dolina valley is among the most difficult in Slovenský Raj.

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