Beware family parties, hygienists say

More than 20 cases identified on August 13 were bigger family gatherings.

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Altogether 62 new cases were added to Slovakia’s coronavirus statistics after August 13 testing.

The highest number of coronavirus-positive cases was recorded in the districts of Trenčín (11), Nové Mesto nad Váhom (11), and five districts of Bratislava (10).

The regional health authority in Trenčín said that most cases were detected in connection with two family parties, with some people attending both.

“Epidemiologists are now securing all necessary anti-epidemic measures, continuing examinations, and recommending that close contacts stay in self-isolation and take the COVID-19 test,” the Public Health Authority (ÚVZ) wrote on Facebook.

At the same time, ÚVZ recommends reassessing the need to organise big family celebrations and visits where a greater number of people meet, especially from various other parts of Slovakia or even from abroad.

“These events create conditions for spreading the coronavirus – the infected people may not have symptoms but are still infectious; people are in close contact and often in enclosed spaces with insufficient ventilation,” ÚVZ warned.

Imports from abroad

The regional health authorities residing in Dunajská Streda, where four cases were confirmed, and also in Nitra, where three new cases were detected on August 13, specified that the disease was imported from abroad.

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In this respect, ÚVZ recommends re-considering travel abroad.

It also reminded that if people return from a risk country, they should report it to the respective regional ÚVZ branch either by phone, email or by filling in the form at the website.

It is then necessary to self-isolate, either at home (with all the people living in the same household needing to stay in isolation) or at another facility. When choosing the latter option, the person needs to arrange this stay with the owner of the selected facility and then report the place of stay to the respective regional ÚVZ branch, the authority’s spokesperson Daša Račková told The Slovak Spectator.

In addition, if any person returning from abroad, including those who were in green-list countries, report any symptoms of respiratory disease, they need to contact their attending physician and discuss their next steps.

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