Sulík introduces another package of anti-bureaucratic measures

Altogether, there are almost 500 proposals which aim to cut some of the nonsense that has to be dealt with in business.

Economy Minister Richard SulíkEconomy Minister Richard Sulík (Source: TASR)

The team surrounding Economy Minister Richard Sulík has presented a second package of measures to help entrepreneurs. Altogether, there are 496 proposals that should remove useless red-tape from businessmen's shoulders.

There will now be consultations with companies, social partners and other ministries, the economic daily Index reported.

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“The proposals may look like insignificant details but ask an accountant or an HR manager what it means for them when conducting their daily business,” Jana Kiššová of Economy Ministry told media.

Such burdens cost entrepreneurs tens of hours every year and if they do not fulfil the conditions, they may face a fine.

The new measures have three aims: they will help entrepreneurs, they will cause almost zero loss to the state budget and they can be rolled out quickly.

What are the proposals?

Among the 469 measures, there are six that were nominated by Bureaucratic Nonsense 2020. One of them is the obligation of traders to sell or throw away hard cheese 48 hours after opening despite its long durability.

Another nonsense, the ministry claims, is that relatives can help in family companies without a contract but only if they are one-person companies and they are a member of the public.

If these are family companies of two or more people, either a spouse or siblings, free help from close relatives is considered to be illegal employment.

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“We would like to change that and widen it to companies of several persons,” State Secretary Ján Oravec said.

Among the measures is also a proposal that would allow 15-year-old students to have a part-time job during the summer. Young people older than 16 could also be self-employed.

The new package of the measures also includes the cancellation of the obligatory rate for home products when promoting groceries, the elimination of 1 and 2 cent coins, the cancellation of the minimum period for cleaning windows in the workplace, increasing the extent of the working week of students from 20 to 40 hours, the cancellation of the concurrence of benefit fees for holidays and weekends and lowering tax on cryptocurrencies amongst others.

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