When will I get my COVID vaccine? FAQs about vaccination in Slovakia

Here’s what we know about the vaccination process in Slovakia so far.

(Source: TASR/AP)

When did COVID vaccination start in Slovakia?

Vaccination in Slovakia started on December 26, 2020.

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Will the vaccination be obligatory in Slovakia?

It is not in general but measures approved on November 18 significantly limit those people who have not been vaccinated or who haven't recovered from Covid.

What vaccines are available in Slovakia?

Slovakia is vaccinating people with the Pfizer/BioNTech, Moderna, Novavax and Janssen vaccines, all of which have been approved by European Medicines Agency (EMA).

The Health Ministry has suspended the administration of the AstraZeneca vaccine for people awaiting the first jab. For now, only people awaiting the second AstraZeneca shot will receive it.

Slovakia launched the vaccination with the unregistered Russian vaccine Sputnik V on June 7 but this vaccine is not available anymore. People older than five are eligible for the jabs.

When will my turn for the vaccination come?

You will fill in the registration form on the https://vakcinacia.nczisk.sk/ website, which serves as virtual waiting room. This app was developed after repeated problems with registration when too many people were trying to register.

The person will fill in all personal data, including a telephone number and e-mail contact. The next step is to choose the area where you want to be vaccinated.

After filling in the form, the user will receive confirmation of their registration and notified as soon as a slot is open. They will receive also a PIN code for potential cancellation or change of registration. The PIN code is later sent to the person's email and as a text message.

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After you receive an appointment for vaccination, you will arrive at the vaccination centre, fill in a questionnaire about your health status; a health care professional will perform a quick examination, ask you about some acute symptoms, such as coughing, cold and fever; and you will sign two copies of informed consent – one for you to keep and one for the health care records. You will receive your injection and wait another 30 minutes in the waiting room, to make sure you are monitored for possible side effects.

The side effects that may occur after the injection are a reddish and painful needle mark, muscle pain and slightly increased temperature.

The revaccination date (if applicable, the Johnson&Johnson vaccine requires only one dose) will be given to you automatically.

Where will the vaccination take place? Should I visit my GP?

Vaccination centres are established in medical and non-medical premises around the country. Some general practitioners also vaccinate against Covid, you have to ask your doctor.

I have already had COVID-19. Can I receive an injection?

It depends on when you had COVID-19. It applies that 14 days have to pass until you can receive an injection.

Do I have to undergo testing before vaccination?

No. The Health Ministry said that neither antigen nor PCR testing will be mandatory before receiving the jab.

How can I cancel a scheduled date for vaccination?

Visit this website https://vakcinacia.nczisk.sk/zmena. Here you can change or cancel the appointment.

If I cancel the date of my vaccination, how can I request a new one?

You need to register again at https://vakcinacia.nczisk.sk/registracia.

When I go for the second dose of the vaccine do I go to the same place as the first time?

In most cases, yes. If there is a change in the vaccination centre for the second dose, you will be notified in the text message that will invite you to the second dose.

I have received an appointment to get my second dose of the vaccine at a different place to the first one. Why?

The second dose is, in most cases, administrated at the same vaccination centre as the first one. But there may be exceptions. It happened, for example, in the case of teachers who were vaccinated with AstraZeneca in mid-February, but when a date became available for their second dose ten weeks later, some of the vaccination centres they had previously attended were already administrating vaccines other than AstraZeneca.

The Health Ministry has explained that in such cases, the appointment is scheduled for a nearby vaccination centre that is still administering the required vaccines.

How do I choose the health insurer in the registration form?

If you are employed in Slovakia, the employer pays levies to the public health system on your behalf. As self-employed, you are paying them on your own to one of the health insurers of your choice. Therefore, you should have an insurance card of one of the health insurers (VšZP, Dôvera, Union), so you choose based on your card.

If you pay your health insurance in another EU country, you need to first register your S1 form before you arrive to the vaccination centre. If you had already went through the process, choose that you are an EU citizen.

Foreigners living in Slovakia who do not have public health insurance granted by one of the three health insurers in Slovakia can register for vaccination against Covid-19, too.

Is it possible to receive a booster shot in Slovakia?

Yes, the process is similar to the first two doses of the vaccine. You have to register at https://vakcinacia.nczisk.sk/registracia-3-vlna and wait for an appointment.

How can I get my EU digital Green pass?

Visit the website with the online form (in Slovak only). For more details, read our article here.

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