Cities and towns under the Tatras are partnering up to boost regional development

The cities of Poprad, Kežmarok, Svit, and the High Tatras region agreed on cooperation in a joint memorandum.


The cities of Poprad, Kežmarok, Svit, and the High Tatras region have agreed in a joint memorandum to cooperate in increasing the quality of life for the people in the region. This should, in turn, help support the cultural, community, and business activities in the area, Ondrej Miškovič, who works for the department of communication and propagation of Kežmarok, told the TASR newsire.

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The mayor of Kežmarok, Ján Ferenčák, signed the memorandum about the cooperation of the self-governed regions. He also informed the public that this memorandum was only the beginning of cooperation; the city of Kežmarok is developing several new projects.

The first months of 2021 are designated for the familiarisation with the projects.

Eight percent taken from the European fund of regional development will be used for the maintenance of city development in regions all over Slovakia, according to Jozef Durbák, who works for the department of strategical developmental management and tourism in Poprad.

He also mentioned that the money donated will be distributed according to the population size.

The city of Kežmarok plans on asking for the support of seven new projects, a total of thirteen million euros in value. One of the projects involves building a brand new House of Culture that offers exhibitions to local students as well as tourists who want to find out more about the city's history and about other places in the Spiš region.

Furthermore, the city wants to build a new library, a new indoor pool, and even a zone for handcrafts.

Lastly, the city wants to focus on restoring the clinic's administrative centre, the sports areas and on the revitalization of the Jerusalem peak and Zlatná relaxation zones.

Ondrej Miškovič claims this memorandum could bring about "a whole new standard for cooperation among regions".

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