Deadline for submitting property taxes approaches

Tax returns can be submitted electronically.

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Owners of flats, houses, plots, non-residential premises and garages need to submit their property tax return by January 31. As the deadline falls on a Sunday, it will still be possible to send the documents to the municipal authorities on February 1, Index magazine reported.

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The tax return has to be submitted by anyone who acquired property between January 2, 2020 and January 1, 2021.

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People who did not buy a property but inherited it have to submit their tax return within 30 days after the certificate or decision on inheritance came into force. The same applies to people who acquired a property via auction, Index wrote.

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A property tax return is filled and submitted only once. However, if there were any changes to the type or size of the plot, the purpose of a building, flat or non-residential premises or one’s ownership of the property ceases to exist, a partial property tax return can be submitted by January 31.

Where to submit the return and how much to pay?

The forms for property tax returns are sold in stationery shops or can be downloaded from the Finance Ministry’s website.

Several municipalities allow homeowners to submit the document via an electric form, but one needs to have an eID with an active certificate for an electronic signature.

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Apart from the form, one should attach a copy or scan of a decision issued by the cadastre office, or the decision on inheritance. The form and attachments can either be sent by post at the local authority or via email, Index reported.

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The rates for property tax differ as they are set by the municipalities themselves. Several towns and villages increased the rates last year. This year, they remained the same in most municipalities.

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